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By John Strachan

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  1. John Strachan

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    Hi I currently have the midsize cart bag And I am thinking of going for the full tour bag. Is there that much of a difference to warrant the extra spend Any advice gladly accepted Fellow Titleist Fan

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  2. Gary D
    Cranston, RI

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    Consider the midsize staff bag. You won't be disappointed.
  3. John Strachan

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    I already have the midsize and was considering the full cart bag I have added a picture of the one I am considering moving too as added 2 of the midsize by mistake.

    Is it worth changing was my question
    Is there much of a difference bra the price

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  4. Doug E
    Urbana, MD

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    I know this will sound really dumb and will likely expose myself to ridicule, but in the interest of baring my soul to my TT brothers and sisters....

    I moved up to a Mid Staff Titleist Bag a year or so ago, coming from Titleist Cart Bags over the previous 6 or 7 years. I love my Mid Staff bag.

    However---and this is purely a psychological thing for me---I sometimes feel added pressure on my game when playing with people who don't know me. It's easy for people to make judgements based on what they see out of you on the range or what clubs you carry, before they ever see you play. A full mid-staff bag of Titleist players irons/clubs with a Scotty headcover sticking out the middle makes a very different statement than an old beat up stand bag with a mix of various brand, 7-10 year old, game improvement clubs. Nobody expects a 280-yard baby draw right down the middle of the fairway off the first tee when your clubs are presented in an understated manner.

    On the other hand, I feel my 14 Titleists, none more than 2 years old, sitting in a professional-looking staff bag says, "look at me and watch how good I am." And if I hit a 200 yard dud off the first tee, I have lost all credibility before I have even gotten started.

    Now I admit, this is MY mental problem. But it gets in my head more often than it should. So, moving up to a full size staff bag is NOT in the cards for me until I can back it up.

    I'm presently a 7.5 index. As long as I play at that level, I can back up a mid staff bag. Unfortunately, I only play at that level 10 of 20 rounds! And it's always my luck, when I play with someone who I feel is judging me (they may not be, but my insecurity tells me otherwise) it is usually not one of those 10 good rounds.

    So I am sticking with my Titleist Mid Staff bag for now. If I get to a 3 handicap I'll consider the full staff bag. If I drop below 12, I may have to pull out my old faded cart bag and throw a bunch of beat up old 909 and 910 headcovers on my woods!

    Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit. I wrote this somewhat jokingly. But, what's that old saying? "Much truth is spoken in jest."

    So, anyone want to challenge me to a money game? ;-0

  5. Chris92009
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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    I would only do the Titleist Mid Size Staff Bag unless you have a full time caddy...doesnt fit on a cart very well IMHO.
  6. John Strachan

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    Thanks Chris,
    I definitely don’t have a full time caddy lol

    Are both bag 9.5” top but I am assuming then that the pockets are much bigger on the staff?
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    I have both bags and I think the midsize is a little easier to use all around, and it does not fit on a cart very well as Chris mentioned. And I agree with Doug on the mental issue that comes with the tour bag, I have the same feeling as silly as it may sound. They're both good looking, but the mid-size is more user friendly.
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    I do not imagine the difference will economically justify the up-spend. However, how much do you care about your clubs? Are your clubs the type that might want a roomier second home? A warmer winter home perhaps? If so, by all means provide for their spiritual needs... I think you need this.
  9. Rooster
    West Wareham, MA

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    I have the mid size staff bag. It sits great on my bagboy tri-swivel push cart. I considered the full size but it wasn't really needed. The mid is plenty of a bag. (just seen the club 14 cart bag, I see that making its way into a bag rotation shortly).
  10. Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

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    I bought the Mid Size Staff bag 4 years ago because I had a 14 way bag and wanted to return to a 6 way top. Much easier to extract and return clubs, I feel. Also, I think it is sturdier and takes beating better than the cloth cart bags. As far as the other stuff, I think that where you play might have something to do with what people think about your equipment. When I played at public/semi private courses people asked more questions about your stuff. I've been at PGA Golf Club now for a year and a half and have never had even one comment about my bag or anything in it and my game is nothing to write home about.
  11. Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

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    I have the Titleist Mid-Staff bag and it is plenty of bag for me. I agree with Chris. The full size Staff bag does not fit very well on a cart. I tried it once and it did not fit well.
  12. Doug E
    Urbana, MD

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    Surprised to hear some of you have trouble fitting your Mid Staff bag on a cart. I have no problem at all with mine fitting on a cart. I figured EZ-GO, Club Car, Yamaha, etc. all had similar space for bags. Maybe they are quite different, which might explain why a mid staff fits on a cart fine for some and not well for others. FYI, the fleet at my club is all EZ GO carts.
  13. Barry S
    Oakville, ON

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    I have both a Staff bag which I use on a daily basis and a 4 panel bag for when I travel. 3 years ago I bought a electric/remote carrier and previous to that used a Sun Mountain 3 wheel Speed carrier. I didn't and don't have any problems fitting the staff bag on either carrier. Actually, really like the looks of it as it is rolling down the fairway. I also tend to agree with Frank P. Depending on where you are playing, also depends on the comments or lack of comments you might get.
    Just my 2 cents...
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    Not to sound dumb or anything and please correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't seem to notice a difference in this years release and the 2017 mid-size staff bag...any info would be appreciated! Thank you!
  15. JKissoon
    Ajax, ON

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    I have a full sized staff bag and it fits on my Stewart Golf R1 push cart with no problem. If you like to walk and carry the bag, this bag is not for you. Its 10.8 lbs empty.

    I went out and got the staff stand bag the other day. I'll primarily be using this bag to go out with my friends. I'll save the staff bag for tournaments.

    I agree with what Doug E said about the image. I am not very good at golf, I bought the bag because I liked how it looked. People see it and my gear and think I'm some kind of pro.
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    I have the mid size staff bag. Love it. I’ve never had any issue with it fitting on a cart

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