BV Wings/SM7 Vokey Stand Bag this year?

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By Mr. McKee

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  1. Mr. McKee
    Logan, UT

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    Please tell me you guys have an update for a stand bag this year? I was surprised to not see one for 2017. I love the simple design on the new Sunday Carry Bag so I'm hoping there is some sort of similar revamp on a Vokey branded stand bag. Don't really care which model it is (4up, Players 4, Players 5), I just hope there is something coming! Anyone have any insights to this?

  2. Mr. McKee
    Logan, UT

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    No one has any insight on this? Will Titleist allow the Vokey logo to be embroidered on a custom titles bag? Seems like decent (Free) advertising to me? I'd be interested to know if this is possible. Thanks!

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