2018 Titleist Tour Aussie Hat

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  1. JAM

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    This message is for Cathy. Can you tell me if the new Aussie hat has a SPF rating and if the brim is larger and stiffer than last years model. I thought I asked this question previously, but, I can't find it. I appreciate any info you can provide. Thank you.

  2. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Good question - I have enough long-term skin damage that I need to be more careful. I'd rather not have to go to REI as an alternative to a baseball cap.
  3. Thomas K
    Steamboat Springs, CO

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    Same here. While older players seem to be more aware of the problems with too much sun, the younger players should REALLY become more knowledgeable about the problems with golf-associated skin cancers. Ask Andy North......
  4. JAM

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    Would it be possible, without giving an SPF number, if the fabric has SPF protection. In addition, can you provide the width of the brim: front, back and sides? And finally, is the brim stiffer, to prevent to wind from raising the front of the brim up, thus preventing sun protection? Thank you for your consideration.
  5. 0 Posts

    Hi there - We've spoken with the gear team to assist. The brim is stiffer, but not larger. UPF is 40+. The UPF system is relatively new and relates specifically to sun-protective fabrics.

    Team Titleist Staff
  6. JAM

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    Thank you, Abbey, for checking with the gear team and your informative response. I will be ordering the Tour Aussie hat.

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