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By Marc S

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  1. Marc S
    El Paso, TX

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    I noticed in the Titleist UK gear guide that they offered Snoods (Basically a tubular scarf). I was wondering if it's possible to get these added to the Stateside catalog? We used something like this when I was in the Army and I can't tell you how simple and useful they are in cold conditions.

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  2. Tyler H
    Appleton, WI

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    Check out - they may have them and they do ship to the US.
  3. No'l
    Palmdale, CA

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    I could use this up here in the high desert.
  4. Joshua B

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    That thing would be perfect...and that name. Let me know too I want in on the snood!
  5. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    LOL... For second, I thought this was a good idea. Then I thought about when I use the one I got at Land's End. Blowing snow and temps below 20F. Works great then, but beyond my golf cutoff.
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    That is one item I would love to have for golf in MI.
  7. Stuart B

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    Hi guys
    I play West coast of Scotland and my wife advised me to pick one of these up early January this year and it's been on of the best additions to my gear.

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    That is a good looking product. Definately needs to be added to the US lineup.

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