Staff Stand Bag OR Hybrid 14

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By Alex B

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  1. trying to decide which one to buy between the Staff Stand Bag and the Hybrid 14. Anybody have any advice/comments about either that might help me make a decision?

    I love the look of the Staff Stand, but not crazy about the 4 way top.


  2. Hasn't the staff bag got a 6 way divider?

    I would say the hybrid would be more user friendly in many ways.

    Totally see where your coming from with the look of the staff but because of the pockets it would get annoying on a trolley.

  3. I thought it had a 6-way too, which I might have been ok with, but it's a four.

    I think I'm leaning towards the Hybrid.
  4. JSmith

    Charlotte, NC

    Nothing beats the look of the Staff Stand bag. Mine arrives today!
  5. TT Member

    TT Member
    Hertfordshire, UK

    Got a selection of pics of it JSmith? It's a smart looking bag.
  6. Love the looks of the staff stand bag, but I carry a fair amount when playing with my son. Thinking of going with the stadry stand bag
  7. The Hybrid for sure! It's cheaper and has a 14-way divider. Looks are allmost the same in my opinion.
  8. I love my Hubrid 14
    Post Image
  9. Jay-C


    Is it harder to get the clubs in and out of the 14 way top bags? And does the lining run all the way to the bottom?

    I’m looking to get a new bag soon too
  10. Tom P

    Tom P
    Stanley, NC

    You should consider the Hybrid 5 stand bag. Personally, I am not a fan of 14 way dividers; especially when you need to take out several clubs at the same time. Five dividers are adequate for me. However, the Hybrid stand bag is also available with the 14 way feature if you prefer. Both Hybrid bags are versatile, easy to carry or use on a push cart and a riding cart. Also, lots of color options.
  11. Same question re full length dividers. Pretty sure website says full but remember reading a comment someplace that his wasn’t.

    Also, has anyone carried the Hybrid 14? I just purchased the Players 4 Stadry and really wish it had the 14-way. However, since I bought this specifically for a trip to N. Ireland/Scotland, I’d say portability is slightly more important than the 14 slots, especially if they aren’t full length as I have oversized grips. If the Hybrid has 14 full length and only about 2lbs. more, I’d say that’s a winner.
  12. Tosh.


    I own the hybrid and it’s a fantastic bag.
  13. love my staff stand bag, just wish I would have ordered with TT logo
  14. I am having the same issue on which bag I want to order. The staff stand is sooooo nice looking. Post pictures after you decide :)
  15. Footjoy16


    I walk all the time and have had 2 staff stand bags. I don't care for the 14 way divider, so I say staff stand all the way.

    Great looking bag, a little on the heavy side, but a great bag. I just got a new light weight bad from my club. It is lighter but the legs sag too much.. I'll eventually go back to the staff stand bag. Disappointed in the new bag...
  16. Titleist just needs to create a Staff Stand Bag with a 14 way divider. Problem solved. I too am having a tough time choosing between the Staff Stand or the Hybrid 14. Love the 14 way dividers but love the look of the tour bag.

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