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By Joga S

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  1. Joga S

    Joga S
    Quesnel, BC

    I can hit my driver as long sometimes longer than my buddy but can't hit my irons as far I'm always ways aleasts 1 to 2 irons shorter why

  2. Mike H

    Mike H

    I don't think anyone is going to be able to truly help you Without more knowledge. To get the best advice or understanding I would see a teaching pro to help.

    With out knowing your swing or having any knowledge of it I can think of one generic reason. That would be you are hitting on the upswing which is good with a driver off a tee but not good for iron shots. This will leave a tendency to not hit shots directly in the center as the low point of your swing is before the ball and not after. Again I have no evidence of this just a thought I use when I hit my irons short.
  3. Joga S

    Joga S
    Quesnel, BC

    Thanks I think your correct I'm always popping up
  4. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    One thing could be the lofts on your irons. Are you comparing apples to apples? Are you both playing the same irons? Some other brands of irons are two clubs longer that Titleist irons because of their lofts. Check it out.
  5. Joga S

    Joga S
    Quesnel, BC

    Thanks man I did check it out he has psi irons and his 7 iron is 31° and I have ap2 and my 7 iron is 35°
  6. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Joga S said:

    Thanks man I did check it out he has psi irons and his 7 iron is 31° and I have ap2 and my 7 iron is 35°

    His clubs are at least one club stronger than yours. Could be the arrows, not the indian. What I would be concerned about is how far do you hit your irons. If you hit that 7 iron consistently the same distance I would be very happy. Distance is the key, not the club. Focus on you distances, not his clubs and your game will improve. Cheers, Chuck...... I never try to hit with my playing partners. That is a bad habit. With respect. =)
  7. Joga S

    Joga S
    Quesnel, BC

    Yes for sure would just like to be hitting a 7 iron in instead of a 5 iron lol
  8. msalejandro1201

    Hampton, VA

    Is that an ego/pride thing? or is it because you're not as good with your mid/long irons?

    I fight the same issue myself. I play with friends who play much longer than I, and I got hung up on the club issue for a little while. Then I let it go and just worked on my ball striking and consistency, not necessarily distance. More focus on consistency will be more beneficial. Knowing your distance for each club is better than bombing them as far as you can, I can promise you that.

    I went from AP2's to MB's and I love the MB's. I'm more consistent now with my distances because there's not additional technology to propel the ball unexpectedly. Also, because I play blades, I never swing out of my shoes because it requires good contact to hit good shots, meaning that I'm more in control instead of swinging out of my shoes.

    Btw, I've shot more 80's rounds with my MB's than my AP2's. I've worked my way down from GI clubs, to players clubs, to blades. I've just always wanted to have blades, especially ever since some big box fitter told me I'm not good enough for them and that I should never play them. *jerk.
  9. Emil S

    Emil S

    Hi Joga!
    The truth is that not everyone hits their 7-iron the same distance. The driver is more forgiving in this sense as it has a trampoline effect of the face (same with fairwaywoods). So I would advice not to look at the distance of your friends iron based on the fact that you can hit your drivers the same length.
    As someone who always hits it the longest in the group, I find it worrying when people try to keep up instead of playing their own game, having alot of distance is a very powerful weapon but I would sacrifice 20 yards with every club for a 20 yard dispersion pattern on every shot.
  10. Joga S

    Joga S
    Quesnel, BC

    Thank you I do agree length isn't everything but need to find out if it's my swing that can be fixed or new shafts
  11. Kelly H

    Kelly H
    Hughson, CA

    I hit the ball decent but what it all comes down to is GIR... If somebody is going driver - 3 wood and other person is driver wedge what it comes down to is consistency and GIR... so many people get hung up on distance.... I'd much rather hit it 250 down the middle than 290 and not no where it's going...
  12. Gary D

    Gary D
    Cranston, RI

    I have a similar problem, With my irons I'm one club shorter than those I play with but match or exceed their drives. I "pick" the ball vs hitting down on the ball, compressing and delofting the irons. I see no reason to change as I'm very consistent. If they hit an 8 iron, I hit a 7 iron. So what ? If I put my 7 iron on the green tight to the pin why should I care what iron they hit ? Know your game and play your game.

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