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By Jack H

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  1. Hey TT!

    I am reaching out for some aid in my iron play. I am trying hard this season to improve my irons and make them a strength of mine. What are some drills that you do when you're on the range? Also, any tips on being able to lower the flight of your irons? I greatly appreciate any feed back! Best of wishes to everyone this season!


  2. Physical condition is very important to all golfers, I will tell you to start in the gym. Work on your core, stretching exercises, balance, golf channel is a wealth of knowledge, see a golf pro or hire a swing coach. So many things go into a proper golf swing, grip,stance,posture, ball position to control ball flight. Etc, this should be everyone's advice to you. Just to tell you to go beat balls all day is wrong, you could be doing it wrong all day long.
  3. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    Hi Jack,

    Golf is a year round thing for me, though winter time slows things down a lil bit. I actually like that it gives me a default time to work on something or go through the lessons I've been through in the past. I've kept myself some notes from the many lessons I've had and I revisit them periodically and update them as I go. Those are what I need to improve, build, and work into as a skill set that my pro and I had worked on. I don't consider myself an athlete, but the lessons and work are just a portion of the pie in my golf in order to get the best out of what I can produce in golf- or should I say the most fun I can have on any course.

    Working on tips and what others are working on isn't a bad idea (I don't think), however, working on something with a pro would be more than worth the time for anyone who goals to be better. With that said, on any of my iron shots, I practice "not" to make as much moving body parts- I stay as still as possible.

    Hard to explain it, but here's a quote from a non-golfer that I identify with in stillness:

    “The stillness in stillness is not the real stillness; only when there is stillness in movement does the universal rhythm manifest.”
    by Bruce Lee
  4. B.A.

    Los Gatos, CA

    We had a very rainy winter this year, which we don't usually have so I too decided to make some swing changes. I do have a full video and simulator setup. but the video was the main thing needed to work on this as hitting the ball, doesn't matter.

    I broke the swing down into parts and worked on those individually on separate days.

    Day 1) work on grip & setup
    Day 2) work on takeaway just to club parallel to ground
    Day 3) club half-way back
    Day 4) club to top
    Day 5) work on release
    Day 6) Club position of halfway through
    Day 7) work on finish

    An so on. There are some pay sites that have some good drills for each of those, but you can also just search youtube. There are also some good drill on the TPI site.

    It is important to find a slow-motion swing on YT that works for you and also record and watch yourself to compare your positions to that of a pro that has a similar style to yours or one you want to copy.

    You could, of course, see a pro that could give you points of each to work on.
  5. Emil S

    Emil S

    As someone who has always been a Iron-player rather than woods I've seen from playing with others that my swing-speed is helping me a ton regarding striking the longer irons. Otherwise I'd just tell you to workout, hit alot of balls and see a coach regularly to keep growing as a player.
    Good luck!
  6. My iron takeaway occasionally gets a little steep. To help correct this, I keep a piece to 2x4 that's 6" long in the trunk of my car. To produce a nice, smooth, long take away, I place the piece of wood a half inch behind the clubhead at address. Looking down you'll see (left to right for a righty) Ball, Club, 2x4. Start your back swing by pushing the 2x4 away and have it slide backwards. If done correctly, the piece of wood will be plenty far away for you to complete the swing. This works great for me and reinforces some basic moves. I generally will only need to do this 3-4 times before muscle memory kicks in and the swing comes back.

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