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By David H

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  1. David H

    David H
    Strongsville, OH

    Today I was just fascinated watching JD work on his green side short game shots. I noticed he locks his wrists out and uses mostly shoulders to rotate through the ball. I noticed my short game is setting the wrist angle and go!!! I was practicing "his" swing and it feels pretty awkward. I understand he is #2 in the world for a reason. What are some of the pros and cons to his style vs more of a wrist *** type short game? Thanks in advance . 8 handicap and willing to put in the work!!!

  2. Hi David,

    On my shots around the green, I too use more of a locked wrist technique. For me, it eliminates the variable of wrist movement. It gives me more control. I don't alway lock my risks, but mostly do. Works really well for me. I would recommend trying it out. Hope you can drop you handicap this season! Good luck!
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Steve Stricker is deadly from under 100 yards and locks his wrists. My coach has worked with Steve and feels it simplifies chipping and pitching for amateurs. Less things to go wrong. He does make exceptions for long bunker shots and over 50 yards (my max with a 9I w/o any wrist ***)
  4. Carl T

    Carl T
    Little Rock, AR

    I use PM's method of hinge and hold. On shots around the green and out to 50 yards or so and also in greenside bunker play. The first move on the backswing is to hinge your wrist and hold this position, then use your body core rotation, slow or fast depending on the length of the shot and let the bounce of the club skim the grass until it makes contact with the ball, keeping your hands ahead of the club face.
  5. rob m

    rob m
    canton, GA

    I too use this technique. Also i remember Lee Trevino explaining that he lets his arms fall as they follow the body, Loosie goosie
  6. John O

    John O
    Appleton, WI

    I think it's a matter of preference. As others have pointed out, "locking" can limit mistakes and help with consistent impact. Others get more flippy with the wrists and rely more on feel.
  7. I also think it depends on the length of the shot and how high you need to hit, if you're greenside and hitting more of a chip less wrist movement is best, if you're hit a higher flop shot 25-30 yards to a tight pin you can have more wristment to get ball up in the air quicker. More things to take into consideration, the type of lie, as well as where you wrists are at impact, the further ahead your hands are at impact the lower your chip or pitch will be, where as if you need to hit it higher, you can move the back up in your stance and more wrist action so your hands are more over the ball at impact. Many factors here.
  8. Darren Leslie

    Darren Leslie

    This is 100% preference for me. Each pro does things differently as do all the guys I play with every week. Best thing for me has been individual coaching, my coach tells me what I do is good and then improves it so it builds confidence alongside changing simple techniques. Best advice I've been given is not to learn from another players lesson as it's like taking another mans medicine!

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