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By skip g

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  1. skip g

    skip g
    Southborough, MA

    A follow-up to the latest post on putting.,,,

    My students use this Putting Trainer to help them develop fundamentally sound putting mechanics. As you can see from the photo, this is a time-lapse of what happens during a perfectly struck putt....

    How does the Putting Trainer work...quite simply: If you make a stroke, and NOTHING is bumped or scraped by either the ball or your putter, you KNOW you have made a PERFECT STROKE! Lots of other things going on (alignment, stroke length, eyes, putter rise), but quite simply....don't bump or touch anything...ball will travel thru the opening....over the coin...and fall directly into the cup...dead-center!

    Students know that if they practice consistently, using the Putting Trainer over the winter months...they will be ready to "putt the lights out" next spring!

    SOOO much fun helping all my students get better!!


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  2. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ


    Super putting tip!!!

    My Dad would make me practice putting through little "mouse holes" cut into the ends of an upside down shoebox. I got pretty excited making the ball go in one end and out the other.

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