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By Andrew A

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  1. Andrew A

    Andrew A
    Charlotte, NC

    Hey all, Recently, I have been battling to fnid a fairway. It's not a drvier specific issue but a tee shot issue. I can't seem to find the fairwaay no matter what club I pull out of the bag. Approach shots to the green or on par threes are not an issue, It's literally just tee balls on par 4's and 5's Any ideas that could help?

  2. Christopher V

    Christopher V
    Edmond, OK

    You've got a mental block, need to find your mojo. What works best for me is just walking up to the tee and hitting it.
  3. Andrew M

    Andrew M
    Greystones, 0

    Have you a go to shot?

    Whenever I have a struggle striking the ball consistently I try and play a low punch and take a little more club.

    It’s not a full swing but gives me more control, I also grip down an inch and it gives me better control of the clubhead through impact
  4. Ichabod

    Nacogdoches, Texas

    What are your drives doing? Are you slicing? Grounding? Just not hitting consistent? Are you landing in the fairway then bouncing or rolling into the rough? Or are your shots going straight into the rough? Are the starting out straight then slicing deep into the rough?

    (Not that I would ever be able to offer any assistance at all, just asking in hopes that these questions can provide more insight to someone else here who might be able to offer some advice)

    So you can hit what you're aiming at when teeing off at a par 3? Did I read that right? It's just teeing off at par 4's and 5's?
  5. Do you have a 2 way miss? If so I need to pick one shot and force yourself to hit it. If you are comfortable hitting a fade aim up the left side and hit a hard fade even a block, make yourself hit the right side of the fairway (miss right if needed). Once you know where your miss is then you can adjust and tweak as needed. Hope this helps
  6. Do you miss it the same way every time or is it different every time? Try different sides of the tee box and try to hit a fade/draw. Make sense?
  7. Maybe change your preshot routine on the tee? When I have trouble finding the fairway, I add taking the club halfway back ala Mike Weir. During the shot I focus on the slow, straight back takeaway and this helps me most of the time. Just a thought.
  8. I would recommend three things;

    Choke down one inch on the grip for more control and confidence.

    Pay attention to grip , stance and alignment to your target.

    Remove any tension from your hands and arms and swing freely without slowing down or aiming.

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