Watch: Eliminate 3-Putts

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By Mike D., Titleist Staff

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  1. Team Titleist Staff

    The dreaded 3-putt can stall your momentum and send your scorecard soaring, so Titleist Staff Member John Kostis is here with a quick fix to help you improve your contact when putting and eliminate those 3-putts.

    Explore even more tips and drills from some of the best instructors in the game by visiting our instruction section here.

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  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Good info. Guess, me hitting it closer to the hole might help my putting also. Thanks Mike.
  3. Abdon M

    Abdon M
    Northern California (because it's a big state)

    Thanks for the tip! For me, I find that breaking 80 consistently requires that I avoid all 3 putts in my round. I'll definitely put this tip to the test during my next visit to the practice putting green.
  4. DK

    Doylestown, PA

    Love this stuff. No more 3 putts. Nothing more frustrating than a 3 putt par
  5. Over the winter I work on putting every chance I get so this is definitely something I'll work into my routine. Thanks!
  6. Anna S

    Anna S
    Saint Paul

    This is indeed the best information. I am still not able to eliminate the 3-Putt Par.
  7. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC


    Anna S said:

    This is indeed the best information. I am still not able to eliminate the 3-Putt Par.

    Have you tried seeing a teaching pro? They can be very helpful. The one at the course where I play is a master instructor and has given me some great tips regarding this issue. If you are still having this problem, that would be my recommendation for you.
  8. Jim V.

    Jim V.
    St. Marys, GA

    Interesting advice! It does appear the technique may give you more control of your distance. I'll give it a try!
  9. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    This could have only been better as 15 minutes instead of 1:53. My coach recommends the same ratio of back to forward length. Trying to maintain the same back stroke length requires deceleration for shorter putts. That will contribute to both path and closing arc issues.
    So when I revert to rapping the ball for a lag putt, with tense arms and minimal follow through, I tend to strike the ball and push it right (RH stroke). The club can’t naturally close.

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