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By Scott K

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  1. Scott K

    Scott K
    Lake City, FL

    Bought a dual balance Furtura 7XM in November. I recently traveled with my clubs to Vegas and when I got home two of the sole plate screws had fallen out. Has any one else had this problem?

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  2. Sean Mac

    Sean Mac
    Scottsdale, AZ

    No I haven't. I bought my X7M a couple months ago and the screws are still there. I'm positive that if you contact Titleist they will take care of you! They are the BEST golf company on the planet! Good Luck!
  3. Wow! with all the sole plates on putters over the years from Scotty I have never heard of this problem! I would send it in and have them replace the screws...not a big deal.
  4. I just had exactly the same problem - Did you find replacement screws or anything? How did you go about it? I could get similar screws from bunnings but they aren't hex heads and wont look the same
  5. I have just had the same happen to mine, did you manage to get the replacement screw? I have contacted Titleist today to see if they can do anything.
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  6. Anyone know the size and thread for the button screw on the bottom of a futura X7?

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