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By JayBee

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  1. JayBee


    Good day my brothers and sisters of Team Titleist, i first want to give a congratulations to Gary Woodland on a astonishing victory at the waste management Phoenix open down in Arizona. I have been watching him very closely lately the past year and he is such an athlete but struggles with the flat sticks sometimes. so good to see him hitting those 718 MB Titleist irons, SM7 BV wedges, circle T Scotty cameron plumber neck putter all so PURE!!. Also congratulations to the Philadelphia eagles on their Super Bowl championship win. ANYWHO, over the past weekend I’ve been putting on and off in my living room and office using my carpet with a couple of my Scotty Cameron putter‘s. One being a terelium TeI3 Santa Fe Two in oil can finish that I’m looking to get refinished by the custom shop. does anyone know the turnaround time on a restoration from the custom shop.. want to make it all triple black oxide, new pain fill, add sight dot(possibly), Possibly a Jackpot Johnny or Hot Head Harry and not to be forgotten a BRAND NEW terelium face insert(fyi, i am in Massachusetts). I currently game My other Custom Shop, which is a Newport Two Oil Can Classic(Plumber Neck) that’s been restored immaculately finished by the scottys custom shop with all new Percision milling on the face, chrome sole, red paint fill on all fonts and stamps. has some type of restoration of chrome pro platinum finish.. Loaded with some scotty cameron custom shop stamps such as the traditional new custom shop crown logo stamp on the face toe, the go-getter stamp in the back cavity, along with the junkyard dog, both opposite sides of the “Titleist” cavity stamp, which is all stamping is in red paint fill. check out pics.

    whats the best putting green for my indoor putting area, looking for quality not cheap.. i’ve heard of Big Moss from listening to Micheal Breed, would love some second opinons. are they receptive towards chips or spinning golf balls, roll true or closest to what a real golf course green feels like. So just wanted to ask what do any you TT members use, still snow on the ground here in MASSACHUSETTS so ive been itching to get out on the course!! Thanks as always and really looking forward to hearing some feed back!

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  2. Kathy J

    Kathy J
    Portland, OR

    Nice looking putters!
  3. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    I purchased a 15x15 foot piece of StarPro and I am very pleased however here is a link to some others:
  4. Rob R

    Rob R
    Chicago, IL

    I have a been using a Big Moss green for a few years and am very happy with it. The green roles very true and has helped me maintain my putting stroke through long Chicago winters.

    As for chipping practice I can not answer that. My in the house swing privileges were revoke years ago.
  5. Luke R

    Luke R
    Hamden, CT

    My putter is currently at the custom shop, it got there on the 26th of January. The custom shop website states it is about a 20 day turn time. So hopefully mine will be shipped back to me soon so I can post pictures of it.
  6. Jerry M

    Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

    I have a green from and I'm very pleased with it. However I have not used any other putting surface such as the ones mentioned above. Good luck in your search.

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