3 Month wait for the PhantomX 11.5

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By Kristofer E

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  1. Kristofer E

    Kristofer E
    Mount Sterling, OH

    Has anyone experienced a long wait on a putter this year? Ordered the PhantomX 11.5 on May 2, 2021 through Acushnet at work (Assistant Super). The GM called and was told end of July for shipping now its been pushed back to October 2, 2021. How can this be a 5 month wait on a putter that I have seen in stores since I've ordered it online.

  2. I ordered mine around the 21st of July, and I am pretty sure my pro shop on base uses the same site to order clubs. All I am hearing is COVID this, gonna be a long while that. I've had no real info given to me regarding an estimated delivery time, not even an order number. I feel the same as you and would love an answer.
  3. I ordered mine through my pro shop in Australia on the 27th May and just received an email telling me it won't arrive until 8th November after delivery had already been put back twice.
  4. Pesquado


    GArmstrong said:

    I ordered mine through my pro shop in Australia on the 27th May and just received an email telling me it won't arrive until 8th November after delivery had already been put back twice.

    Im in the same boat as you as well, i ordered mine early July and was told mid-August, then was told mid-September, then was told mid-October, and now i have been told mid-November for delivery, but im not holding my breath on that either.

    Apparently i am 18th in line of 25 other people. I ordered a 33" Phantom X 5.5, nothing special, no fancy stamping, length, etc. but probably being in Australia doesnt help with COVID and supply dramas. I hope it arrives soon as this is surely hurting the brand...
  5. I'm with you mate. Ordered a 33" X5 in early June. Last update last week from Titleist and retailer is that neither of them can give me any indication at all as to when I might see it. Just have to wait.
  6. I ordered a 5.5 when they first came out, but after 2 months of waiting for the club to come in I gave up when I found a 5 on the rack at Golftown and bought it. I ordered an SM8 sixty degree at the same time and it came within a week.
  7. I ordered a custom phantom X 5.5 when they were first announced, latest information i have been given is that it will not be delivered until late in November.
    Obviously they are absurdly popular, or vastly under supplied.
  8. mj

    Coquitlam, BC

    ordered Phantom X 5.5 early June.....still waiting...waiting....first told July...then August.....hey told me early Sept.....2nd week Oct....waited this long....might as well wait bit more :(
  9. Anybody received theirs yet? If so how are you liking it?
  10. Tim D

    Tim D
    kokomo, IN

    I ordered Phantom X 5.5 September 1 and received an update indicating mid November for a potential delivery timeframe from Titleist customer service.
  11. Tim D

    Tim D
    kokomo, IN

    Just received my Phantom X 5.5 today. Almost 9 weeks from the time I ordered mine. Looking to put into play first chance I get
  12. Kristofer E

    Kristofer E
    Mount Sterling, OH

    Called Acushnet yesterday regarding the status of my phantomX 11.5. Last time I called I was told late October ‍♂️
    Now I’m getting late November December maybe by the first of the new year

    How is this possible when they have released their triple black 9 putter last month and from what I’ve read everyone got theirs.

    They said they are trying to ship out these older model putters as fast as they can. Didn’t realize a putter that was made this year is considered old ‍♂️

    Just admit that they are on a ship in the ocean

    Getting pretty frustrated with this situation. Especially since I ordered it right after it came out!!!!!!!! OVER 6 MONTHS AGO 6 MONTHS
  13. Bax


    Got my custom built 11.5 yesterday and my club. It took six weeks…and it’s awesome. Looks good and the feel is amazing. I went 33.5” 20 gram weights and 3 degree loft. Rolls so pure….good luck, it will be worth the wait. I have 4 Scotty’s now and it’s my favorite and will only get better.

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