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  1. I recently won a player 4 standbag which has the golf course logo on the top pouch, would it be possible to replace it with a different one that could have a flag and my name on it?

    Thank you!

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  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    The new line of bags makes it possible to take that pocket cover off entirely. Have the course where you won it, or any authorized Titleist dealer get you a quote on a customized pocket cover. They will probably be able to sell you a pocket cover without replacing the whole bag.
  3. Wow lucky you that bag looks awesome! I'm guessing it won't be cheap to get a custom pocket designed and executed.

    If it were me I'd keep that golf course on the bag so when people ask about it you can say Oh yeah I won it there.

  4. 19hole

    Reading, MA

    Titleist is reluctant to sell the replacement covers for their bags. I have tried in the past to get replacements for a few customers and they do not have a way to make that happen.
  5. Great looking bag none the less. I have a Players 14 bag in the same color scheme on the way.

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