Back surgery and recovery for golf

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By Elson C

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  1. Elson C

    Elson C

    Hello, my TT fellow golfers. I have been dealing with back issues for years now. Recently I have found out that I actually have a back defect where one of my vertebrates is missing the transversal process bones. with that in mind, now that I am older, 38, if it matters, I need to get surgery to fuse my L4 and L5 so it can support the rest of the spine properly. In short, right now my L5 free floats around my back and it is rarely aligned correctly, and which point even getting up from a chair can throw off my back. My question here is, have anyone had a similar process? If so, how did you prepare for it? how was your recovery, specifically to get back to golf? Any tips and tricks to make the process easier? My doctor is really good about covering the basics and recovery of the process but it is not focused on sports recovery. Any help and suggestions and even recommendations on different doctors to see and seek new opinions are appreciated. I live in Southeast Michigan, just outside of Detroit. Thank you

    Elson Correa Also, I am about 30 years younger than his typical patient, with the exception of people who have suffered major trauma, such as accidents

  2. Scott Aitken

    Scott Aitken
    March, Cambridgeshire

    Ive had numerous injurys through the years from Motorcross and Soccer, broken bones, legs, wrist etc. I have metal pins, screws, plates in my leg which is slightly shorter now. Lots of muscle damage. This gives me great back trouble. I get nerve compression in my L4 L5 and similar issues to you. Im 43 but very young, pretty fit etc. 6 ft 4 ins . It hasnt really effected my swing or mobility or anything like that, but my back does go on me, and after 18 holes I can be pretty sore with the strain my body has taken. The Motorcross injurys are Par for the course as they say lol so I just get on with them, always have, but it does really effect my back mostly. I found Graphite Irons in stiff were a huge help and took massive strain off my back and wrists if that helps Elson : )

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