Played the round of the year in dense MIST/FOG

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By Jarl L

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    More focused, hitting only reliable clubs! Have you played in similar conditions?

  2. Cool video!! Visabilty seems low! Beautiful sunset!
  3. I played in mist a few weeks ago! It was a surrealistic experience, like playing in a magical Disney Forrest! Course looks beautiful!!
  4. A Buddy once made a HIO in the mist!! We kept looking, gave up & found the ball in the cup!
  5. Stunning video mate!
  6. The scene at 3:54 was stunning!
  7. Great video dude
  8. Peter C

    Peter C
    Bedfordshire, UK

    I once played where it was the 12th hole before you could see more than 130 yards in front of you. I shot a 5 over 75. No idea how and I’ve never played that well again.
  9. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ

    Neat video. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Nothing beats an early morning round!
  11. I’ve been playing in Panama for a few years and during rain season the tropical fog sometimes make it hard to see your own feet!
  12. Mist on the course this morning, had a bit more trouble than you, also first time playing the course!
    Thanks for the video!
  13. Thanks for the kind words! Teeing off in heavy rains at this moment :-) Good luck with your rounds!!
  14. I had the round of the year going on sunday when thunder came around the corner so had to head for the club house fast, still hurts that I couldn’t finish the round :p
  15. I went to Scotland to play a few years ago (really recommend a trip to the home of golf) and the weather was extraordinary. Mist in the morning, storms, calmness, rain and sunshine within a few hours!
  16. Really enjoyed the video and it brought me back to when I played 9 holes 5 times a week after high school before my job at a security firm so I had to go up at 5 in the morning to play and half of the times I teed off in mist! Kinda spooky in a way :p
  17. If you live in Eastern Canada, you play in the fog all the time. When I was down for 2 weeks in the summer there was fog every day, some days for the entire round.
    Ironically, we had a fog delay at my home course in Ontario 2 weeks ago. They delayed tee times for 45 minutes, and when the fog rolled back in, they suspended play when we were on the 5th hole for another half hour. I commented to my playing partners if they did this in Nova Scotia you would never get a round in all summer.
  18. Jerome C

    Jerome C
    London Ontario Canada

    Great video
    Very peaceful
  19. Living in a Big city with all its hectic pace, golf truly offers some needed serenity and calmness when walking around playing the game and enjoying stunning course designs!
  20. Magnificent video! Great job.
  21. Super nice video! Golf is the most beautiful of games!!
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