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By Allan B., Titleist Staff

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  1. We recently added new functionality to the forum which allows Team Titleist members to include videos in thread responses! We're planning to add this feature when creating a thread as well, but want to make sure we work out the kinks first.

    Up until now, only a few of us have had the pleasure of seeing fellow member swings through various Team Titleist events. This is your chance to let your signature move shine! Just respond to this thread with a quick snippet of your swing and maybe your shot shape + miss if you're up for a little feedback.

    *Note - Accepted file types: mov, mp4, wmv, qt, flv, ogg, ogv, webm. Max file size: 20mb. Also note, you need some technical knowledge to ensure videos are under 20mb. Here are a few tutorials that could help:

  2. I'll start with mine. Here's my stock swing with a 7 iron. I'm a block/hook guy. A two-way miss just makes the game so much more interesting...
  3. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    Nice move Allan!
  4. Christopher V

    Christopher V
    Edmond, OK

    You get more for your money when you rock the 2 way miss!
  5. Looks like a big 7 iron boom ball!

    Awesome snapback btw.
  6. Allan B., Titleist Staff said:

    I'll start with mine. Here's my stock swing with a 7 iron. I'm a block/hook guy. A two-way miss just makes the game so much more interesting...

    damn, looks like butter
  7. Here's my driver swing. 917 D2

    Easy on the range not so perfect on the course.

    Funny how being on the course changes things.

  8. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    Hitting bombs!
  9. Jay-C


    Had to make sure I cleared the trees in the distance. which I did!. Just started playing in February all tips are welcomed!
  10. Try and stay more balanced in your downswing. This will make your swing more repeatable with more consistent results.
  11. Welcome to the game. Hope this helps:
  12. Jay-C


    cmccormickgolf said:

    Welcome to the game. Hope this helps:

    Thanks for the tip! Once you said "Drive the arc into the ground" I knew what you were talking about as I sometimes do hit the driver into the ground. I'm playing a 45.75 inch I may have to cut down a bit as I often have to choke down to make better contact.
  13. Sand wedge - #7 Pebble
    Too steep!
  14. One of my favorite holes. This should help shallow out your swing:
  15. cmccormickgolf said:

    One of my favorite holes. This should help shallow out your swing:

    Thank you so much Cameron! I’m thrilled that my video was selected and that you took the time to comment on my swing. Great advice and I’m working on it. Vin
  16. Working on staying behind the ball, with Natalie Schmitt at TPC Scottsdale.

    Torrey Pine’s is always epic
  17. Tom B

    Tom B
    arlington heights, IL

    My son hitting bombs with his Titleist TS3, just ordered the T100 irons can’t wait to play.
  18. Stay back on your heels to remain in balance.
  19. Jacob Gaines

    Jacob Gaines
    Eau Claire, WI

    TS3 8.5, X-Stiff evenflow set your draw. Love the entire line of TS woods and my AP2 irons!
  20. Driver
  21. Just want to see what y’all have to say.. have at it!
  22. Just out here giving my black AP2 7-iron a rip at the range:
  23. Looping for bombs
  24. Hitting my 915 d2 on hole 4 at Pinehurst #2
  25. Jay-C


    What a rip! Question is did you hit them? Haha
  26. Haha no it might have rolled up close to them though. We had a forecaddy and he said let it rip... so I did
  27. Jay-C


    Nice haha every time I say I’m not gonna get close to hitting someone I suddenly turn in John Daly and crank out the drive of the day haha
  28. My swing from TPC Valencia
  29. KCLeonardGolf

    San Diego, CA

    7 iron from 179 yards to 8 ft
  30. Andrew H

    Andrew H

    Just pulled the trigger and got fit for a new driver. Usual miss is a block to the right, and sometimes a pull hook. Hitting it well lately!
  31. My son Caden Scarbrough getting fitted for full set at Windmill Lakes in Ravenna Ohio.
  32. This was In competition... working and trying to figure out how to shape the ball better with a longer driver.
  33. Just recently I have decided to try and pursue my passion for competing in World Long Drive events. Here is one of my swings! Hope you guys like it!
  34. Baby Cuts for days
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