I bought myself a golf game!!

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By Tabbas

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  1. I just wanted to share how by undergoing a full bag of custom fitting by the lovely Chloe back in November has absolutely transformed my game. I have hovered around the 7/8 handicap for the last 3/4 years but since the fitting in November 2017 I have gone from an 8 handicap to a 4 and won my club championship earlier this month.

    I went with the following:

    917D2 - Diamana S Flex (B2 - fade bias) 9.5 degrees 917F3 - DIamana S Flex (A1 - neutral) 15 degrees 818H1 - Tensei S Flex (B1 - neutral 19 degrees AP1 - 4i/5i AMT S300 AP3 6i/PW AMT S300 SM6 48, 52, F grind Wedge flex SM6 58, M grind Wedge flex Futura x 7M Putter 33" Prov1x

  2. colin b

    colin b

    Well done
  3. colin b

    colin b

    Well done
  4. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Great to hear your story but some might dispute that headline! Personally I think what you have done is taken your already good game (7/8 hcp) to the next level by getting the right clubs for you!

    It would be interesting to hear what clubs you had before and if they were fitted (and when).

    Having the clubs fitted to your swing is important and gives you the confidence to play at your best....

    I was recently accused of trying to 'Buy a Game' after placing my order for 917 D2, having bought SM7's earlier this year. I feel a lot more confident with the Vokey's knowing they were fitted to my swing (different bounce and lie to my old wedges) and have played better round the green.

    The 917 was given to me in the car park at St Mellion 1 hour before 1st tee on the Nicklaus course (first time I played it) with most of the society watching. I had the confidence knowing it was MY driver (again fitted by Chloe!!) to stripe it down the middle...

    Keep improving !!!
  5. thanks for sharing enjoyed reading your story and congrats on the great game play.

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