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By AntD

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  1. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    With the unusually long hot dry spell in the UK and the hard fairways and less than receptive greens has anyone else changed their course management strategy?

    In this weekends medal I was wary of the ball run especially when playing into greens from distance (which is mostly the case for me!!). I was even preferring taking distance off my 23 degree hybrid rather that hitting a full 5, 6 or even 7 iron.

    My AVX's have arrived but I'll continue with my ProV1 as I don't think I need the lower flight and low spin in the current conditions.

    Anyone else mixing things up due to the weather?

  2. Shoaib


    I'm loving the drives! The wedge shots not so much...

    I've started practicing bump and runs...a shot I've always avoided as I prefer to chip with my lob wedge or float them in.

    As a golfer, I don't think I've ever wished for rain!!!
  3. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    I'm the opposite I'll run the ball to the flag if there's enough green to play with. But I find that there are some unpredictable bounces on my course with some of elevation changes between fairway and green.

    So I've been practicing hard pan chip shots in the garden with my SM7's, open and closing the face to change the bounce. There's only 7 degrees F grind but I'm finding there are a many ways to get desired results.

    Problem I'm having with drives is they're running out of fairway on the doglegs resulting in a couple of lost ProV1's so I'm keeping the AVX's back for when the lower flight and run is needed.

    Anyway weather is nice so enjoying the golf...

  4. I have totally changed my mentality, I normally use driver on 11 holes on our course I am not down to using a 4/5 iron off some of those tee's.

    I am lucky our course has championship greens so they are receptive as ever but the fairways are totally baked.
  5. Peter M

    Peter M

    I play mainly on coastal links and have always had to factor in run because I don't have a high swing speed or ball flight. The recent weather just means I need to factor in more run than usual!!
  6. This was a class read. I play courses in and around the Cheshire area. A lot of then are looking a bit worse for wear, but the weather is fantastic for golf beats the rain hands down.

    I think the insight into other golfers course management is really fascinating

  7. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Well the hard ground finally encouraged the wife to use a hybrid instead of a mid-iron from the fairway and she was very surprised at the why didn't I think of that ??

    Sadly she's not a Titleist player (although I've sneaked a sleeve of pink Velocity in her bag) which got me wondering if that's grounds for divorce? or is that an entirely new thread...

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