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By Hannah M., Team Titleist UK

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  1. Team Titleist,

    We are offering some exclusive fitting sessions at our National Fitting Centres. The appointments will be for two hours long.

    If you are interested in securing yourself one of these spaces please comment below why you should be picked and what date and venue suits you best. Please see the available dates and venues below: 

    7th September 2018:

    St Ives National Fitting Centre

    Craigielaw National Fitting Centre 


    14th September 2018:

    St Ives National Fitting Centre

    Craigielaw National Fitting Centre 

    Carton House National Fitting Centre 

    Winners will be picked Friday 31st August.

    Good Luck! 



  2. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Hi Hannah,

    Although I love my 917D I'm hoping the TS range will be available and I still need to replace my aged fairway. I could also do with getting properly fit for some new FJ's while I'm there...

    7th September 2018:
    St Ives National Fitting Centre

  3. Tom  C

    Tom C
    Romford, 0


    I would love the opportunity to visit St. Ives on the 7th (Preferably) or 14th September for one of these exclusive fittings!
    After all the build up re the TS Metals it would be fantastic to learn more about them and to be fitted to see what gains it would give me over my current set up!

    Fingers crossed!


  4. Hi Hannah,
    I'd love to be considered for Carton House on the 14th.

  5. Paul C

    Paul C

    Hi Hannah

    I'd love to be selected for a session at St Ives. I made the mistake of getting the 917 without being fit unlike the Rest of the clubs and do not feel I am making the most of it. Having seen some of the gains being made from the new TS project drivers I think that this could help me improve off the tee and ultimately put me in play more than I currently am.
    Would also be a great early birthday day out :)

    Thanks for the chance to be included and good luck to those lucky enough to be picked!!
  6. Hi Hannah

    I would love the opportunity to attend Craigielaw for a fitting on the 14th of September. I am really keen to try out a 2/3 TMB Iron to try and fill the gap at the top of my bag. Would be great to see if my 714MBs can be beaten by any of the 718 range. This would help me finish the season strong and hopefully achieve my goal of playing off scratch. Titleist holds a very special place in my heart after all I started my first job as a paper boy so I could save up for a 975D driver. I still remember the advert for it with Ivor Robson announcing all the players, those were the days :-)
  7. I'm a scratch golfer, this year's County boys captain and having just been to a big fitting centre for a full bag fitting as an 18th birthday present, they couldn't find a driver combination that worked better than my existing 915 D3.

    The driver fitting was at the end of a really long fitting session and quite frankly I don't think I was swinging it very well by then.

    I've never had new clubs before, having got to scratch using a combination of my dad's old clubs with a few second had buys.

    I'm really keen to be able to find a driver combination that really works for me (new TS???) so that I can get all of my birthday present ordered.

    St Ives would be best on the 7th, but could also probably do 14th.

  8. Hi Hannah,

    What a fantastic opportunity!
    I’m currently struggling for consistent gapping at the wedge end of my bag and also the dreaded 3wood to 4 iron gap too!

    Was looking to try and book an appointment at Cragielaw but there is nothing available for months - this would be a great chance to get these bits of my bag sorted before the season ends.

    My preference would be 14th September at Craigielaw please.

    Thanks, Scott
  9. Shoaib


    Sounds like a great opportunity, hope whoever attends finds the session useful.
  10. Steve W

    Steve W
    Tooting, London

    Hi Hannah,

    I’d love the opportunity for a fitting, especially if it included the chance of trying the new TS range!
    I’m still using my trusty 913D2, but having read all about the new technology producing such great results, my appetite has been whetted!
    Let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger and I’ll take any additional ball speed equipment can offer!
    Could make either date at St Ives.

    Thanks again for the opportunity!
  11. Hi I would love to be considered for the fitting at St Ives on the 7 th sept -after transforming my game with AP3s and Scotty Cameron putter I would like to see how a Titleist driver and a hybrid to fill a big gap in the bag would help me even more in my game and my aim to get to single figures
  12. Hi Hannah

    I would like to be considered for the fitting at St Ives on either the 7th or 14th please. I am looking to buy a new driver and fairway woods so a fitting is the best way to find what clubs will suit me and my game and nothing beats a Titleist fitting.
  13. Hi Hannah

    I would love to secure s fitting at st ives on the 7th September,I don’t have titleist irons and would live to replace my current irons with a nice new set so a good fitting would cone in handy. Keep up the great work titleist.
  14. Hi Hannah

    I Would love to be considered for 14th Sept @ St Ives.

    I have been adding to my club portfolio each year ( this year I had my DRIVER fitting for the 917D ) and I only have my current wedges to replace , once I have these covered then I will be a true TEAM TITLEIST covert

    I have reduced my hcp from 21.6 down to 17.5 this year all thanks to the confidence TITLEIST product gives me , if I can hit my year target hcp target of 16 by improving the short game then this season would be nothing short of amazing.......

    However if not considered it won't stop me from support this amazing Product - keep up the fantastic work

    All the best
  15. Stephen L

    Stephen L
    kettering, na

    Hi Hannah

    I am always interested in fittings at St Ives as it’s a superb facility.

    I have the 917 at the moment but am ready for change as my swing speed and characteristics have improved.

    I was part of the 818 day and purchased new irons and hybrid based on the lucky day.

    Hope I am in for either day!

    Thanks, Stephen
  16. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    Hi Hannah,

    Either date at Craigelaw would be brilliant for me.
    Really looking forward to trying the TS range with all the hype about them.
  17. Hi Hannah,

    I would really like to attend the fitting @ Carton House on September 14th.

    I got fitted there with Mark for my current full bag from driver to putter.

    I'm really happy with my 917 driver and fairway wood but if what I'm hearing about the new TS range is half correct I would definitely put them straight in the bag.

    Thanks a million.


  18. BR

    Dundalk, Louth

    Hi Hannah
    I would the fitting experience in Carton House, I already have a pretty much full of Titleist , Vokey bag and always looking to add more.
  19. Hi Hannah. Sounds like fun! If the new TS metals are part of this, then I would love to be involved in the Craigielaw session on 14 September. All the best, /Morten
  20. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Hi Hannah,

    I can now make both dates at St Ives. I'm keen to make sure all my equipment is the best for my game and have recently switched to the AVX, so a ball fitting would be on my wish list as well as the TS range.

  21. Scott Aitken

    Scott Aitken
    March, Cambridgeshire

    Hi Hannah,

    I meant to add to my last post that I would be able to attend either of the St. Ives days.

    Thanks again,

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