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By aOvery

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  1. Hi -I have pre-ordered TS2 driver and fairway wood on the 7th September -am I right in thinking Woods will be available on the 28th sept? If you have ordered will they be delivered then or as there is bound to be deluge of orders will it likely be delayed Can’t wait to get them Thanks andrew

  2. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Hi Andrew, like you I ordered driver and fairway and fitter informed me I might get them on that date.

    Hope you enjoy them when they arrive.

  3. Hi thanks for reply!
    I hope the 28th is the day -new woods and the Ryder Cup-win double!!
  4. Hi guys,

    If you pre-ordered your TS metals before Tue 18th Sept your metals will be in the store ready for you on the 28th Sept. Anything pre-ordered after the 18th may still be there for the 28th but it is not guaranteed.

    Kind regards,
  5. Thanks for the update Luke -I am very happy
    Thanks Andrew
  6. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Thanks for the information Luke, much appreciated.


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