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By Ev

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  1. Ev


    Virtually a year to the day my AP3's arrived I've had my first hole in one, 30 years of golf!

    Bar bill was bit lumpy as I did it on Captains Day but well worth it...

  2. NMortimer

    Hertfordshire, UK

    Congratulations, you must be very happy
  3. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Congratulations … More details please...course, hole, distance, club and ball ...any pictures...
  4. Ev


    It was on my home course which is Nazeing, Essex. 11th hole, was 188 to the pin with wind helping slightly but mainly off the right. Well struck AP3 6 iron which drifted in from right, pitched about 5 foot short of the hole.. one hop and a bit of spin to the left and in. The shouting was pretty much heard all around the course...

    I'd literally just run out of my usual Pro V1x so was using a Bridgestone B330s which is my usual winter ball, had been complaining about lack of spin all day... don't care now! Was a strange day, 36 points and only hit 4 fairways! Just need to get hold of my card to submit as evidence for the insurance for the bar tab, was a boozy evening.

    I do have a video my mate took of me picking it out, easiest thing is to check it on my twitter or instagram @OldAndLame as not sure how to upload video on here!
  5. Shoaib


    Congratulations! Don't forget to post on the Hole in Stories on the forum and register for your Hole in One Bag Tag.

    Unbelievably, somebody nicked my Hole in One bag tag off my bag last month :-(
  6. Ev


    I didn't know this was a thing... thanks for the heads up!
  7. Well done mate, suffice to say I had a bad hangover after that hole in one of yours! :)
  8. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Well done mate.

  9. Well done!
  10. TFord


    Congratulations, I’d love to have one someday!

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