Will a TS fairway make it in my bag

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By Shaun G

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  1. Hi Everyone, first post and help needed

    Just back playing (7 months) after a 20 year gap, and managing to play to 6 at the moment. I have a bag full of Titleist gear, 2,3,4 718 TMB, 5-PW 718MB 50,54,58 SM6 and scotty fastback

    Driver is a 917D3, although excitedly waiting on my new TS3 (8.5, tensai blue)....however, i have a problem, i have an interloper in my bag, a cobra kind f7 3 wood running 13.5 loft. I hit it fantastically, i get distance, control and accuracy and can hit from the tee or deck.

    But, it just does not look right having an odd one out, I could not get on with the 917 fairways, they were either tee or deck clubs for me, not both. Anyone tried to ts2/3 fairways, what are you replacing?

    I feel like a traitor having a stray in my bag, i want to be full team titleist....open to any and all suggestions

  2. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    I'm replacing Cleveland Launcher 15 degree with TS2 15 degree... I've then got a couple of hybrids to replace one possibly with a TS fairway (yet to be tested)

    There's another recent thread on here about 13.5 degree fairway and I posted about a Mark Crossfield video he made at TPI about 3 wood loft. Seems higher lofts can make same distance as lower lofts as it's all about getting it airborne….

    Find a fitting centre or a #TitleistThursday and go try them.... Get to try them off the grass as well as the mat.

    Good luck and keep us updated

  3. NMortimer

    Hertfordshire, UK


    I am currently replacing a 917F2 13.5 with a TS3 15 degree. Whilst I appreciate we are all different and hit the ball in different ways I really do think the TS fairways in 15 degree are worth a look. The flight on the TS3 15 degree for me was more penetrating, straighter and the head with +2 gm gave a fantastic solid feel that I immediately had confidence in. I was also fitted by Matt from Titleist, I had never had a fitting before and it was an eye opener, I am generally a cynic but now I am a convert ! There is a thread running only a few down from this concerning my fitting and what I have now ordered. I hope you get it sorted and do keep us posted.
  4. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    Try and get booked in for a Titleist Thursday near yourself, free 45 minute fitting.
    You’ll see the difference in the new TS models.
  5. Hi I swapped into a TS2 18 degree fairway from a png g30 five wood and the difference is amazing in flight and distance .its so much better I can use off deck and tee for short par 4 or long par 3s and I know where it is going -ie mainly straight if it doesn’t it is my bad swing
  6. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    You could always just disguise the club with a Titleist headcover but a real TT man knows in his heart............you got to replace it.

  7. just an update on this one, i have finally removed the cobra from my bag and now have the ts3 3 wood, i have been steadily re gapping in my bag, and finally the cobra didn't make sense anymore, i will be keeping it for the 265 off the tee with safety courses, but i finally have an all titleist bag :)

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