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By Simon Worsfold Peterborough

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  1. Afternoon all.

    Was wondering if anyone knew if Titleist offer a re-shafting option?

    I was never fitted for my irons but love the feel of my heads ( CB 714 ). Before you say it, yes I know I should of got fitted first !

    I tend to hit the ball high, tho I did try the 718 CB iron with a Project X ZL which looked great to the eye.

    Any info from TT members or TT staff would be a great help. Thank you.

  2. Hi Simon, we do offer a reshafting service which you can arrange through any authorised Titleist retailer. I am unable to advise of the cost as this will depend on the retailer.

    Kind regards,
    Team Titleist
  3. Thank you for the info Luke.

    I was hoping I could come to st Ives and see if there was a option there to get a price and go from there really ?
  4. Unfortunately this would need to be arranged through a retailer as we are unable to deal directly with consumers.

    Kind regards
    Team Titleist

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