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By Bart van der Does

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  1. Bart van der Does

    Bart van der Does
    The Netherlands

    Hi Guys, Hope you all enjoying the British Masters. We know for a fact that Titleist Staff player David Drysdale is not enjoying his new TS driver anymore.

    Drysdale hit a bad tee shot on the 18th and was so happy with the result that an fan found his driver somewhere in the high rough at Hillside next to the 18th teebox. He finished the day on +1 (73). At least we know for sure that he given a brand new driver to his satisfaction this morning. Because he is -2 already for his 1st 4 opening holes. So at least someone else is happy with a new TS3 driver!

    It's sad to see that players are doing like this. In my opinion this is not a good example for the youngsters among us. We have seen several players in the past throwing away clubs like "waste". We all remember the Garcia iron swipe... but this is not professional in my opinion of Drysdale.

    Looking forward to see your replies coming in.

    Happy swings,


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  2. Tom  C

    Tom C
    Romford, 0


    Do you know for sure that he 'threw it away?' was there any coverage of it or did he simply give it to a fan?

    Do you have a history with David? Interesting to see you start a new post condemning his actions when this / worse happens a lot on tour (I've got 20+ years attending tour events and watching on TV). You usually see players in high profile coverage slam clubs, visually frustrated, swearing, snapping and breaking clubs live on TV, which IMO is a lot worse as it is seen world wide by all ages.

    This seems out of character for David, and while I don't agree with (if it happened that way) throwing the club away, I'm a little surprised with the post attacking a Titleist Staffer who generally seems like a good guy that had a bad day.

    Also, any luck finding your Tour Cameron or any information / pictures of it so we can all keep an eye out for it? If it was one of my Tour Cameron's that was stolen I would have be plastering pictures and information all over this board and social media in the hope that someone might spot it.


  3. Stephen L

    Stephen L
    kettering, na

    Thanks for the great comments as always Bart.

    I agree, it is not a good example as a pro. They are not cheap items for us to purchase and I can only guess that the club has an upgraded shaft.

    As we can all appreciate though, golf is sometimes a frustrating game and can only imagine when it is your livelihood it is very tempting to see if your club can be thrown further than an errant tee shot! Just shows the highest level of expectation from a TS3!

    Lucky chap though who found the club! Good luck to him and sure he will have some gains off the tee!
  4. MattH

    Peterborough, England

    Did he leave the headcover too? The poor chap is going to have to buy one on eBay now!
  5. Declan F

    Declan F
    Wexford, Ireland

    Totally agree with you, sickens me when tour pros do things like this and then have a new replacement within hours to go in the bag.
  6. Certainly not clever. Sets a very bad example.
    I am sure Sky have shown it several times
    Titleist should charge him for the new driver and give money to the tournament charity or if he's not happy with that.
    Cancel his contract. Not an ambassador the brand needs.
  7. I think sometimes we all forget these pro’s are human beings!
    It’s not a great example but let’s be honest we are playing the most frustrating game in the world!!
    I do think they should have to make a donation to charity or something like that if they do it tho!!
  8. If he has thrown the club, then I find it very disrespectful to Titleist customers. He may have got his driver and its replacement free of charge, but someone has to pay for it. This someone is the Titleist customer.
    I also think the Tours should impose penalty shots or loss of world ranking position on players for bad behavior, it is the only thing they would understand. Monetary fines are irrelevant.
  9. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Hopefully it was an out of character event for David...come on we've all had a bad day at the office (and his was broadcast on TV)… Lucky chap who found it!
  10. Hi

    I hope he and a few others throw their clubs in my direction when they come back to Close House next year
    Only Titleist of course, I am not interested in any other brands!!!
    Not a good example to youngsters but Tommy Fleetwood hugging a 3 year old and thanking him for coming to watch more than makes up for a temper tantrum from a fellow professional

  11. Barry S

    Barry S
    Oakville, ON

    Pretty bad behavior of a brand ambassador. Even if it was a one time, it still looks bad.
  12. To perhaps, lighten the mood over "disposing" of clubs, a friend bought a 7 wood specifically for a par 3 on a golf holiday. This, he announced to the other 11 of us, would be a Game Changer. The hole in question boasted a 3-tiered green significantly higher than the tee and a pond between tee and green. On reaching the target hole, the 7 wood indeed launched the ball onto the green... only to see it run back into the pond - and to show no fluke, repeated the trick 4 times before getting one to hang onto the green. Shades of Tin Cup, you might say... When the same thing happen in the afternoon round, the 7 wood was - like Excaliber - consigned to the waters. That night, after dinner, a recovery party tried to mount a rescue but to no avail. The 7 wood was not to be found. I suppose the lesson from this must be "Don't throw clubs..."

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