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By Jack P

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  1. I watched the groove wear video the other day and was wondering a few things. First, they talk about # of rounds played and equate that to groove wear and second, it looks like you really need to replace them after just a few rounds watching the video.

    I've seen a lot of people with major wear on their sole and grooves. I assume from hitting wedge after wedge with the dirt and/or sand still on the club, but I don't know exactly what people do to trash their club so much.

    My SM4's have an unknown number of rounds on them (all by me, but ???). Maybe around 75ish The grooves are all straight, and I can see the swirl marks still on the faces. There is absolutely zero chrome browning (wear). If they still "look good" and aren't smashed, rusting, or what have you - then really how worn are those grooves?

    It must depend on what conditions you play the clubs and practice with them, and less about the number of rounds played. Any opinions on that? Maybe Team Titleist and or Mr. Vokey can give us their opinion on this...

    PS - I did order up a new SM7 D grind in 60* because I don't think my 58* is gapping out my short end quite enough and I'd like just a touch more loft for the stuff around the green.

    Thanks Team Titleist!

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  2. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    Speaking for myself, I change my wedges every year. My 54 and 58 are the most used wedges in my bag. God only knows how many shots I hit with them, between playing, practice and warming up. I practice 3 times a week and must hit 40-50 shots between them. There are days when I go to the pitching area and hit a bucket of balls with the 58 alone, so in a year they are pretty beat up.
  3. I live in Ohio and for several months out of the year we are hitting very cold (rocks) driving range balls. Will hitting several times a day with cold balls wear down the grooves on my Vokey SM7 wedges?
  4. I have noticed that when using practice ranges the balls sometimes still have debris on them. I first noticed when I was using my new TS Driver. I started wiping each range ball with a towel prior to hitting them. No wear marks on my clubs after implementing this practice. You made a good point about the sand as well. I always clean my clubs after each shot. Sand will really wear the face down quickly if left on. I personally think my change interval will be every 1.5 yrs. Based on current visual wear of my SM7's. I previously had a set of SM6's for approximately one year. I did notice a small amount of difference of check when chipping or pitching around the green. If you hit the ball high you probably won't see a noticeable difference. Unless, you pitch with a lower trajectory. Hope this helps!
  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    My wedges are closer to you than the high wear golfers. In part because I don’t hit many full wedge shots. Longer hitters will be driver-wedge on a par 4. They need to pinch the ball for maximum spin to drop and stop from 140 yards. Players that mostly hit 20-40 yard running pitches won’t miss some additional spin from worn grooves. Then there are some of the guys I play with that have replaced iron sets 3 times since their last wedge. Noticeably, they don’t see value of a Pro- V either.
  6. pulplvr

    Spring, TX

    I've been changing mine just about every two years. I picked up a set of SM7's in December and plan to put them in play this month. They will replace the custom SM6's I got after winning one at the Team Titleist Invitational at Pinehurst in 2016. Those, in turn replaced my SM4's that I had purchased after switching to the 712 AP2 irons. (I also used a set of MackDaddy 3's that I had won in a Christmas contest between the SM4's and the SM6's.) I play about 200 rounds per year, plus warm-up (most every time I play) and occasional practice sessions and/or lessons.
  7. david s

    david s
    South Wales

    I carry two wedges, a 52 and 58, I play 100+ rounds a year, I mainly use the 58 for partial and bunker shots so it shows more wear, the 52 has less use, I generally change to 58 each year and the 52 every other.
    I use my previous seasons wedges for practice, and keep my new ones for playing, I clean the clubs after each shot and I also wash all my clubs after each game to clear any dirt and grime from the grooves.
  8. I have recently read an article where a leading money winner on the LPGA changes out her wedges once a month to guarantee new grooves. Isn't this a little extreme or should I consider a rotation of some kind?
  9. Jerry M

    Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

    Somewhere on this website I watched a video of Jordan Spieth and he said pretty much the same thing about changing out his wedges every X number of rounds.

    I would suspect, given the number of times practicing, the number of practice rounds and actual tournament play, that is true. After all, they are playing for a living and one shot can make a big difference.
  10. John B

    John B
    Kenmore, NY

    I don't have the $$$ to change wedges as much as suggested. I agree new wedges spin better for a awhile. But then I notice that wedges settle into a long period of the same spin characteristics. So I just adjust to the wear and can play wedges 2-3 years with practice and play of over 75 rounds a year. I will probably buy new SM7s at the end of this season when the price drops a bit and then wait for the SM9s? for the next change.

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