What do you think the shaft flex is in the SM4 custom Vokey wedges?

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By CDzierwa

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  1. I am getting older, I think my wedge shafts are too stiff now.

  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I would go for a fitting and find out the answer to that question. I have always had wedges with the same flex and the rest of my irons until I went to the Vokey event at Pinehurst recently with TT. CD, I am older. I will be 73 years old in September and play XP105 stiff steel shaft in my AP1s and have the wedges thru the AP1 W2. The only other wedge I had was a SM6 56.12 F. When I met with Mr Vokey and Jeremy the very first thing they had me do is try a Regular shaft in the SM7 58.12 D. WOW. What a feeling and difference in performance. Nice to hit the ball in the middle of the club every time. Found out that a lot of pros who might play XS shafts will play S shafts in their wedges. Mr Vokey explained that in Wedges more weight needs to be in the head of the club making it easier to hit. My short game has improved 100%. That is a bold statement, but true. They also gave me a very short adjustment in the sand and my game has completely turned around and so have my scores. Point is go see a professional. My friends are going wow, also. Where has this come from. I plan on getting fit for new irons this year and am sure that my wedges will be regular shafts based on the fitting from the man, himself, Bob Vokey. Cannot thank Jeremy and Mr Vokey enough for opening my eyes.

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