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michael f

Can anybody explain please why the price of ALL titleist golf stuff has DOUBLED irons $950 pounds a set rediculous

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  1. Speedy

    Just like anything else, prices go up.. Maybe the materials they use have gone up in prices, supply and demands and god knows what else factor in the pricing... Titleist isn't the only one, every other golf company jack their prices up...

    Worse case, wait a year or two for the next release and the prices will come down on the older products OR just buy use clubs.. I do that from time to time..
  2. Barry B

    The cost has increased over time for all the same reasons everything else has...cost of R&D, cost of materials, cost of labor, cost of advertising....and the list goes on. Yes sticker shock hurts, which is why most of us take time to save up before jumping into new equipment.
  3. Sam K

    Doubled since when? Titleist has never been a budget brand, that I recall. I have been happy with the value of each of my Titleist clubs. Then again, I look at clubs as a longer term investment than most. I intend to get 6-8 years (at least) of use out of my clubs (other than wedges). It is fair to pay up a little for 8 years of quality/ performance confidence, in my opinion.
  4. Barry S

    It's not just Titleist. R and D, materials, quality etc.., all have an effect on price. If you want to play the best, unfortunately you have to pay for it.
  5. Steve S

    I think the saying, " you get what you pay for applies here" . It's the best golf equipment money can buy!!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  6. Robert H

    I think one of the main reasons is, that most of today's clubs and it doesn't matter of the brand, are made of multi compound metals now. The process in manufacturing a single club is way more technical then then pounding out a single material forged club like back in the day. I'm sure others will way in on other factors.
  7. Todd S

    All iron sets from the major manufacturers are in that range except some of the extreme game improving sets from Callay or TM.
    But they are junk. Titleist chooses to stay out of those markets.
    Apples to apples Titleist prices are equal to the computer with much better quality.
  8. larry m

    Played my last set for 10 years so 95 dollars a year is not out of line. When you have something you like no need to change. That's my thought. I have 714MB with upgraded shafts which were 1300 retail when purchased. Maybe 6 more years I will wear them out.
  9. Don O

    The relative price of gold equipment can be a very long discussion. Can the "premium" product that is $250 an iron (over $2000 a set) be worth the price? The same discussion can be used to compare Lexus to Toyota. For comparable OEM equipment, Titlest is competitive. Both Callie and TM have lines that can be more than Titleist. On a value basis, Titleist equipment is not released new every year, so resale price is higher than other OEM vendors. The AP1 has "only" increased in price by about 20% over 6 years. That's close to inflation and the amount of tungsten added is not an insignificant cost. I've suggested in the past that OEMs do something like to continue to sell the 2014 AP1 as a beginner's set to get newbies into the game for less than $100 a club, but the reality is buying another OEM's 2 releases back off the rack leftover stock already fills that void in that price range. I can buy running shoes for $60, but if I was still a serious runner, there would be value in buying the premium version for $140. In my case, to avoid medical injuries. I can't justify the price, but it is still a reasonable value in the market place.
  10. BSummers

    Its not just Titleist all of the big brands have upped their prices. £500 for a new cally Driver!
    In a nutshell when swoosh and Adidas were in the golf scene their intention was to appeal to the masses, they did this by having equipment at a lower price point. This in turn 'dragged' the premium brands down in value.
    As the 'masses experiment' didn't really work swoosh and Adidas have exited the scene. What was apparent during the 'masses experiment' was that individuals of a particular demographic had continued buying new equipment.
    It was also recognised that this demographic could afford to pay more for their equipment, now as the premium brands now do not have to compete with swoosh and Adidas prices are naturally going to rise.
    That's not to say that there has not been improvements in the technology within the clubs. R&D and new materials of course have increased costs, it would be interesting to see if the technological advances would have been made so rapidly if swoosh and Adidas were still on the scene.
  11. Robert L

    When was the last time you've walked in a golf shop?!
  12. tony k

    Doubled? From which year are we talking?
  13. Dale V

    Could you maybe be exaggerating a bit? Did ProV1 go from $49 to $99? Are hats now $60? I don't see all Titleist stuff doubling and their irons are still in the competitive range with new irons from other companies. The exception may be the 718 T-MB and technology is dictating that price. Still cheaper than PXG and a couple of other providers.
  14. SNachilly

    It's not just Titleist, and the pice of irons wasn't 600 USD new any time recently. Also, there is inflation which means prices will increase over time.
  15. Tim Tiger

    Doubled from when? They have been very consistent with their pricing over the years.
    Prices for all goods everywhere have gone up. Calling out one brand doesn't help any.
    Have a nice day.

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