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By Abby L.

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  1. Abby,
    Have to agree on the more penetrating ball flight off the tee and even with the irons. I have played the prov1 for years. I still go back and forth. I am 66 and a 10 to 11 handicapper. The lower do in has given me more distance off the tee. Love the AVX....and the ProV1. I'll only play one or the other!! Thanks. Jim C
  2. Keith M

    Keith M
    Acworth, GA

    I'd considering myself still in the testing phase with the AVX.

    Off the tee, it's LOOOOONG. Typically, I'm right about 250ish with the driver, but popping off a quite a few more 260+ with the AVX. My weak point is hitting fairways anyway, so the lower spin has helped my cause a little.

    With the irons, it's a solid half a club longer, on all shots. I'm a high trajectory hitter regardless and while lower, it's not that significant. Spin is noticeably lower on irons on approach. Out of the rough, there can be a significant amount of rollout on the green, from the fairway, it tends to hit, kick forward between 5-10 feet. Pro V1x either stuck on drop, or even kicked back a few feet.

    In the short game, this has me more hesitant to officially switch. Our club has super fast greens and it's always a challenge stopping the ball on short chips. I really struggle with stopping the ball with the AVX. Above the hole, I've started putting even from well off, because there is no chance to stop it. I do like its behavior off the putter face a little better than the Pro V1x.

    Overall, I really like the AVX. It's a fantastic ball. So far, I've only played it at my local club, I'd like to try it somewhere else with even just slightly slower greens.
  3. larry m

    larry m
    columbiana, OH

    I totally agree with you
  4. Hi Abby,

    What handicap do you play off?

  5. Abby L.

    Abby L.
    Providence, RI

    Jeff K said:

    Hi Abby,

    What handicap do you play off?


    Hi Jeff - I haven't kept one in awhile but I usually shoot mid/low-80s.

  6. Abby,

    I have been playing the Pro V1X but bought a dozen of the AVX's to try. With them I also noticed a lower trajectory with my drives and maybe a little more distance. What I am impressed with is how soft the ball comes off the putter blade. Will probably switch when I use up the couple dozen Pro V1X's I have left.

  7. I recently used a sleeve of Titleist AVX balls, for the first time in a scramble tournament. Having used other Titleist balls in the past, DT Solos, NXT Tour, and Pro V's I knew it was going to respond well to all areas of the game....and it did!!
    Off the tee I felt my distance was very good. The ball did what I expected it to do with good explosion off the clubface. With my irons I had great spin and feel. It is always comforting to feel in control of shot shape, and this ball did that What I think I liked the most was the soft feel off the putter.

    Although it is still early in my "experimentation" with the AVX ball, I would be very comfortable and confident lining up any type of shot using this ball. Playing in a scramble format, I did take some ill-advised shots, so I look forward to playing this ball again in the future.
  8. John G

    John G
    Pardeeville, WI

    Hey Abby,

    I am a Wisconsin player and found the AVX ball last February while in Arizona playing golf. I bought a dozen when I was told Titleist was trying the ball out in AZ, CA & FL only. I brought the ball back to WI and played a full season with it. I was playing the Prov1 (colder days) and Prov1x (warmer days). I agree with your assessment, the ball is longer and lower off the tee & mid irons. I picked up about 7 more yards. I am in love with the Prov1 around and on the green (I've tried other balls to compare and always come back to the Prov1). I will say the AVX is so close to the Prov1 that I am a believer and hope that Titleist keeps this ball in production.

    BTW, I scored my 5th hole-in-one a week ago with the AVX (190 yards).

  9. Loved the AVX from the first round I played it and my first hole in one was with an AVX, so that will be my ball of choice for as long as its made!
  10. Robert D

    Robert D
    Marco Island, FL

    I am 65 years old and have played golf since I was 11. Played 4 years in High School, 4 years in College and attempted to qualify for the PGA Tour. Over the years I have lost distance due mostly to my left leg weakness due to polio. I know golf technology and worked with Gary Loomis where we developed the best graphite iron shafts ever made. I have played Titleist clubs most of my golf life and Titleist balls on and off over the same period of time. I like the feel of the Pro V 1x but have lost too much club head speed to get the iron distance I need. The Pro V1 spins to much for my likes and the NXT's just lacked the cool Titleist feel. I have tried cally, srxn, and Bridgestone. The Vice Pro was pretty good. One year ago or so I purchased a dozen AVX balls which were a special release at the time. I am a Titleist ball tester and I was hoping the AVX was similar to three of the test balls I used about two years ago.
    I began using the AVX immediately and have ever since, well except for the period of time that Titleist stopped selling them. The AVX is ideal for my driver as it launches in the mid range with low spin. I get good distance. The iron game is quite a bit different in the end results as opposed to the driver. The ball launches well with lower spin which does make my mid and long irons fly further and straighter. All of those qualities are great as long as the ball pitches and putts well. I rely on those shots these days and feel is a huge part of a golf ball's value to me and my game. The putter feel is very good, on the soft side making distance control exceptional. On chips and pitches, the AVX spins well and does not check up to much most of the time. Can you stop a pitch on a dime ? No, but that is not of value to me and my game. The reliability of rolling out as I hit the shot is of value. Again, the overall feel on all shots and the controlled flight of the ball is more than I could hope for from anyone's ball.
    Any quality ball can do most of these things. However, on an overall package for me, the AVX does more of these things right than any other ball I have played. While I wish the balls were more like $40 a dozen, they are worth the price....except when I lose one or two!
  11. Doug H

    Doug H
    Little Chute, WI

    Hi Abby, I'm a Prov1X player. late 50's and only play once a week nowadays after playing 3-4 times a week previously. 9 hdcp. For me the AVX is probably 10 yds longer off the tee and probably 1/2 to full club longer with irons. The only downside is less spin on pitch shots than ProV1X. I used to play a one hop spin and roll out pitch and the AVX is more of a pitch and run ball. Full approach shots hold greens just fine. AVX feels softer to me off putter. Basically the AVX allows me to get close to par 5's and hit irons into long par 4's. I have a high spin rate with my driver so the AVX helps and I will keep playing them. Great ball Titleist.
  12. Chris J

    Chris J
    Winter Haven, FL

    I have long been a Pro V1 fan but found myself going back and forth to the B330RX as it seemed a little less spinny around the green, but still would bite ( I am an 11 handicap but like to check spin wedge shots) and seemed a little hotter off of the driver. The AVX to me seems to have very similar feel and playing characteristics to the B330RX (and the newer version). I give the AVX a 10/10. It has soft feel, feels a little hotter, gives good greenside control, and same durable cover characteristics as the Pro V1. It feels like an NXT Tour with a Urethane cover. It would be nice if the price point was a little better than the Pro V1. I know it is a Titleist but the market for sub tour level urethane balls is pretty competitive. Thanks for your comments!
  13. EDWARD U

    Phoenixville, PA

    I got a that sleeve of test balls.and i think there all ew new avx
  14. Dwayne N

    Dwayne N
    Island, KY

    I was a ProV1 guy all the way but after trying the new AVX I have to say I now will have to make a decision soon as to whether I want to stay with the ProV or fully commit to the AVX. Gave my buddy a sleeve to try and he has now completely switched to the AVX. Another great product from a great Company.
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