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By Connor Affinito

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  1. Connor Affinito
    Queensbury NY

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    Interested in getting a new driver for this year and i´ve been considering the 917 Driver. I have tried the club and I like it a lot but i´m not sure if anyone with more experience with the club has any of their own opinions or thoughts about it. Anyone on TT care to give me some advice or their own thoughts on the club?

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    I think it provides incredibly forgiving distance. I would not spend money on this club without getting fitted. Use the "find fitting locations" tab to locate a certified Titleist fitter. It looks like the closest one to you is 20 miles away at Saratoga National Golf Club
    Phone: 518-583-4653.

    This fitter will have all driver heads and shafts for you to try and they will have a shot monitor to analyze your performance with each variation of the club. Titleist will build the club to the exact spec that the fitter provides (grip, length, lie, shaft. etc.). Most fitters will do this at no additional charge. The 917 just dropped in price from $499 to $399, so it is a good time to buy. The 919 driver will release in October, if you cared to wait. You may know all of this, if so forgive me. My 917 was the first fitted driver I have purchased. It has been a game changer! I cannot imagine changing it at this point.
  3. Ty B
    White House, TN

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    I invested in a 917D2 last year after playing the TM M series for the previous few years. If I'm being honest, I might've lost a couple yards distance-wise going to the 917D2, but it more than makes up for it in other areas.

    Aesthetically, it's a beautiful club and the sound the ball makes coming off the face has done wonders for my concentration and confidence. At as far as results, my fairways hit percentage shot way up, which in turn helped the rest of my game, because let's face it, playing from the fairway is much easier than spraying the ball all over the place and even helped me place and win a couple of tournaments in my men's league last year.

    Basically, giving up those one to two yards doesn't amount to a hill of beans to how it's helped my game.

    Also, get fitted. You'll be thankful you did.
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    I love the 917. In my opinion the best driver on the market. I have hit taylor mades and Calloways. Nothing compares to the 917.
  5. Luke R
    Hamden, CT

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    I have the D2. It is a great driver, consistent, long, forgiving, great sound, etc... It looks great down by the ball. I was fitted for mine at the Manchester Lane facility so mine is dialed in for me! Love it!
  6. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    It's all about the fit. You can have a great experience or a bad experience if you just grab off the shelf. Go to a Titleist Thursday event or anywhere else you can get fit for the best loft, weight, and shaft combo to fit your swing. You won't be disappointed.
  7. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Got fit professionally and it is magic for consistency and easy to hit. Can't say I gained yards, because I was losing so many yards from not being fit properly in the past. So I love what I am getting for distance.
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    I got both the 917 Driver and 3 Wood last year and love them. Picked up distance and accuracy. Definitely need to get fitted as I went through numerous shaft options to find the one that worked for me.
  9. Steve S
    Tuckerton, NJ

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    Hey Conner. I'm still playing the 915 D2. And I still love it. The TT members have given you some great advice. Do yourself a favor and listen to them. Good luck with your purchase!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  10. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    With the proper fit and correct shaft, the 917D2 can work for you. Look for a Titleist Thursday in you area for a free fitting. Titleist Product Specialists/Fitters are the best.
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    Do your homework on drivers since it is the most expensive club in the bag. I tried 4 drivers last season before finding my best distance and consistency with the cally Epic with Fujikara Speeder Tour Spec shaft. It was certainly a toss up between the Epic and the 917 but I had 5 yards avg. over the 917. The only advice I can give is take any TM club, walk to the nearest dumpster and toss it in.

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