U500 vs U510 Utility Irons. Who's playing which and why?

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By Doug E

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  1. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Curious as to who is playing a U-series utility, whether you are also playing a hybrid and why did you choose one model over the other, whether by fitting or simple preference of design.

    I am seriously considering one. Fitting will certainly give me the numbers off a mat or level turf, but there are far more factors that need to be taken into consideration in my opinion, not the least of which is looks. Personally, I like a smaller, players-style head with a thinner topline, which makes me lean toward the U500. However, a bit of forgiveness in a long iron can also be appreciated, like in the U510.

    For the record, I have decent ballstriking ability for an older guy (65). I'm a mid-single-digit player. I can find the center of the clubface.....most days. I play Titleist players distance irons and am out there on the course virtually everyday. So, I am not afraid of the U500, assuming it doesn't play like a muscleback! (Been there, done that.)

    Just interested to hear your thoughts after having played one or the other for awhile. What level of golfer are you? Is a hybrid easier or harder for you to hit than the U-series utility? Do you feel you get more distance out of the Utility iron than you would a regular one of the same loft in your iron set?

    Just looking for opinions and consideration data from some of those who have played the U-series to add to my decision-making reservoir of research and info. Thanks in advance.

  2. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    Give it a go Doug. I'm 64 years old and lucky to play once a week. I bounce around from 14 to 16 index, and probably would get it down a couple if I could devote more time to the game. Got a lot of old injuries that prevent me from getting too aggressive with my swing so try to keep it more of a smooth flowing swing. Last September I had my local shop order a U510 4 with the Smoke 5.5 flex as a birthday present to me (I always get gift cards for my birthday), without ever hitting one. I liked my 4 iron (718 AP1) but wanted something I could hit a little more consistent, and I can be a bit impulsive when it comes to golf. Took a bit getting used to it (swings a little different than a 4 iron but not quite like a true hybrid) and was thinking about getting it with the Atmos TS red shaft, but now very happy with the Smoke shaft. When you dead-nut it, it has a neat "click" sound and feels so pure. Use it off a tee on short par 4's a lot lately too. For me it's worth about 190 to 205 yards (depending on the lie), gaps perfect between my 5 iron and hybrid. I have a 19 degree TS2 hybrid that I replaced the shaft awhile back with the Atmos TS Red. I would say the hybrid is easier to hit off a fairway or light rough, and is my go-to tee shot on a par 4 running 330 to 350. Also use it as a putter when I'm up to 15-20 feet off the green, depending on the lie. They are probably my 2 most favorite clubs in my bag.
  3. J22abe

    Los Angeles

    I just found a 4i U500 to replace my 718 AP2. It's being mailed right now, but I'm excited to see how it works out.!

    I am not a decent ball striker and am a very high handicapper, but I just switched from the 712 AP1 to the 718 AP2 (since I got a steal of a deal) and I have been hitting so much more consistently with the smaller head shape.

    I feel like the bigger heads are harder to make fine adjustments during the swing and anything off is going to stay off. (All based on my perception) I don't know why else, but I was always striking it way off the heel or toe on the AP1 and I have been hitting the center third the majority of the time with the AP1s. Just like when I putt, I feel like it allows me to be more athletic in my stroke which allows me to make minute adjustments to get contact. I have tried dozens of mallet shapes at the golf shop, and I can't line any of them up as consistently as my Anser. With a mallet, if I went off track in the back or follow through, the ball went off line. I have actually made a few short putts with my Anser that I saw my face about to hit open, and I hooked it back close and the ball started off a little push and drew back to the hole. The strike obviously fell horrible, but its like I was able to grab and hook it back a little to get it on line.

    I haven't really had a lot of practice with it, but I haven't been able to strike the AP2 4i that great, so I thought I'd give the U500 a try, since I found another steal of a deal. Haha. Looking at the U510, it's just ginormous, I think I'd rather just hit my 5/ 7 wood. I had gotten a 913H along with the 913F 3W, 5W I bought, and I didn't like it at all. I sold it.

    I've hit the U500 in a store before, not directly comparing it to my irons, but it definitely comes off a lot hotter. It sound and feels more like a hybrid, being hollow. But it definitely swings more like an iron.

    I think you should get the U500. If forgiveness is your #1 deciding factor in getting a U510, just get a hybrid. You like the look and feel of a smaller head, it's going to make you feel more confident and happier looking down at that club. And I found golf is really about confidence. I have made soo many long putts with my Anser I feel like I can hole anything (from 10ft out) and I did yesterday. I played 2 balls on a par3 course and hit both within 10ft and 12ft of the hole. I dropped both of them. Next hole I had a 20 footer from the fringe and I holed that for another birdie. The 2nd ball was 4 feet from the hole... I always say I'm better from 10-15ft than I am from 5ft in. Guess what? Blew that putt. Couple holes later I left a 20 footer 6 inches from the hole and Westwood chipped a ball from a rut about 30 ft away it bounced up about 2 feet, landed and rolled 20 feet all the way into the hole. Then the last hole I had about a 6 footer and missed it... Confidence... Get the U500.
  4. Last year I put a hybrid in my bag (818 H2) and loved it on well struck shots. However it ended up going left 90% of the time. It was benched. I did a fitting for the TSi3 and also had time to try the U510. I really liked it. I had the same distance as my 818 but did not have the left. Ball height was up there.

    Well, start off 2021 I was trying both the U500 & 510 at Carl's (the joys of living 10 minutes from one of the stores) and found that I liked the U500 much better. Numbers off the range trackman looked great, and loved the ball flight. One week later I had my U500 2i and couldn't be happier.

    When I was fit for the U510 it was pretty much a stock shaft, loft and lie and used the same for the U500. I couldn't be happier with the purchase as it has become a fairway finder for me. Low rough isn't a problem or hitting it off the deck. However if the ball is sitting down, it's harder to get the ball airborn.
  5. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    I am currently playing the U510 2 Iron as a replacement for my 19 degree hybrid. I hit irons with better control & shot shape than any of my hybrids. I had already replaced my 22 degree with a T200 4 iron so I got myself a U510 18 degree.

    Through a conversation with an online Titleist consultant named Julie, we went with the U510 2 iron 18 degree as it was a better fit for my T200 Irons I am currently playing. in the forgiveness category. My 4 iron is a 21 degree, I can't reach most of the par 5's I play in two so I thought why have a fairway in the bag that I might use once per round or not at all. Then I thought about my hybrids & thought if the Utility works in the grass pretty well then maybe I could eliminate that too.

    I have played 5 rounds with it and I am happy to say it was the right choice. I get my yardage I expected & I can get to a number I like in two n the par 5's to where I usually have a wedge to the green. I've used it on some long par 3's and very pleased with the results of a nice 5-6 yard draw most of the time.

    It was a great investment for me & now I have no clubs in my bag that I can't control the majority of the time.

  6. J22abe

    Los Angeles

    The club came way faster than expected. I just got it today.
    It is a 4 iron (23°) Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 Tour120 X-stiff. It had a MCC 4+ align which I thought would be perfect, but it was putt on um... terrible. It wasn't aligning anything and the grip align was on as straight as a slice.

    Being that I bought it cheap off E-Bay I check the #s on here and they checked out, then I took it in to Roger Dunn to test it vs one there. It was definitely real.

    The demo was in the stock stiff Hzrdus Smoke shaft. I personally did not like how light it felt, much preferred the weight of the Nippon on mine. I was seeing probably 119-123 mph ball speeds off the Hzrdus and 123-127 mph off the Nippon. So naturally, I was getting a few more yards carry on avg. 185-190 vs 190-195. Roll outs were 195-205 yds. Apex and roll out seemed about the same. I felt like I hit the Nippon straighter and less prone to miss hitting. And probably because it's an X I was able to square the face more consistently with the Nippon when swing out my shoes.

    I hit my last shot with my Nippon X-stiff at 129 mph ball speed, 205 carry, 222 roll out. I then tried hitting a png G425 3W 19° (why so high??) and solid shots with that were 130 mph, 209 carry, 227 roll out. So, not much better. Haha. My current 3W is a 913F at 14.25° and its range is usually 215-240yds on the course.

    I also tried hitting a 818 H2 @ 27° and ...No... Just No. Wasn't for me. I didn't like the feel or how it was hitting or anything. I was carrying the png 425 7 iron (30°) just as far as that 818 H2.

    Hopefully this helps you a bit more. I was not able to test a U-510. I have hit one in the store before, it hits more similar to a hybrid with that fat hollow cavity. The U-500 feels like an iron. I'm sure you've seen it, but the U-500 really is a small players iron head. It's not much larger than my Ap2. Honestly if you thinking to replace your iron already in the bag, not sure if it's a marked difference over an AP2. I'm sure it is vs a CB and MB, but not so much with an AP2. I attached a twitter post with comparison pictures for you.

  7. Anthony C

    Anthony C
    Tinton Falls NJ

    Hey Doug,
    I played the U510 2 iron for a while. I really loved the forgiveness and ball speed off the face. Its like cheating!

    I was never a hybrid player, so the iron shape of the head fit my eye well.

    I found that I hit it too high, as I'm very steep. I went to the 2018 T-MB 2 iron in its place.
  8. William S

    William S


    58 years young with the common lower back issues associated with creeping age. Until about two months ago I was playing the T200s. I had a constant high hook with a hybrid so I had opted for a TS 3 wood. Hit it well but I also bought a U510 3 iron. Felt and sounded pure and arrow straight or draw or fade when required. I liked it so much I bought the U510 1 and 4. I had to visit the PGA Store in Palm Desert, CA. to buy the U510 2 iron. Set is complete. So, in Hemet CA there is an Exec course with the longest hole being 277. In front of three friends, I put a pure U510 1 iron on the green. I love the U510s so much I went out and bought the T400 6-49 degree. I'm awaiting the 5 iron for a complete set (minus the 55 degree). The make up will now be U510 1-2, 5-49, 56 & 60 (Vokeys) and of course the TS4 and my Scotty. I no longer carry the 3 wood. Bottom line: I love the U510s!

  9. JAM


    I play the T-MB 3, 4 and 5 irons and am happy with them. Have any of you replaced the T-MB irons with the U500 irons and if so how do they compare? Was it worth it?
  10. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Well, I decided on the U500, but I think I will have to bend it at least 1* strong.

    I found a good deal on one in virtually new condition at Dallas Golf, so figured I give it a try after reviewing both the U500 and U510 4 irons in person. No way I could wrap my head around the 510. It's just too big for my eye. Holding and looking down at the U500 gave me the warm and fuzzys.

    My T200 5i is 24* and the stock loft on the U500 4i is a mere 23*, so I'm hoping the utility iron design of the U500 head, together with minimally strengthening the loft, plus the added 1/4 inch shaft length (as is typical in the U series) will be enough to see a big distance increase over my 5i. (If not, you may find it on Ebay in a few weeks!) It has a Tensei Blue AV Series stiff shaft in it, same as my hybrid, so I expect it will be fine. We shall see. I expect it to arrive late this week.

    I love to experiment.
  11. Anthony C

    Anthony C
    Tinton Falls NJ

    Cannot wait to see your results. Play well!
  12. J22abe

    Los Angeles

    Yes, please keep us updated.
    My U-500 is on Ebay as I speak, I just didn't see a marked difference between it and my AP2. So seeing as I got mine for around $130 it's back up there for a profit.

    The AP2 is the old T100, and the last two posted WITBs had U-500 4 Irons in place of the T100. So I dunno. The difference for me wasn't worth the $200 club over my iron set 4 iron.

    It looks soo good though! But I might put that money into a Hybrid to swap time with my 5/7 wood.
  13. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Received the U500. Tried it, and generally liked it, but will need to make some modifications.

    Unfortunately, the shaft is not what I thought it would be and, though I hit it well, distance-wise it's not much better than the Titleist 4i I already play. The shaft that is in it now is part of the Tensei White Ascending Mass graphite iron set, which I think is the stock graphite stiff offering for a set of T100s. (For some reason, I guess I assumed it was a Tensei Blue hybrid shaft.) It is a normal 4 iron length, not +1/4" like a utility iron shaft should be. And, it's a bit heavier than I would like, as well.

    So, a shaft change to something that fits me better, along with a 1-2* strengthening of the head should help me find the few more extra yards I'm looking for. Now I'm deep into the weeds of hybrid/utility iron shaft options/specs/research.

    Also will need to get clarification from a reputable club-builder/mechanic regarding using a .370 tipped hybrid shaft in a .355 iron head. I know it can be done easily, but I have never done it myself. Or, should I get a specifically designed utility iron .355 shaft, like the Graphite Design AD-UT? We shall see.
  14. J22abe

    Los Angeles

    I liked my U500 with the steel Modus3 way better than the light Hzrdus stock shaft. But yeah I don't see much difference between my AP2 iron and the U500 iron. The WITB for Jessica and Peter both had a U400 4i over their T100. I guess when your miss is 1 millimeter off like them they notice a difference?

    I sold it for quite a bit more than I paid for it, and made a tinytiny profit after EBay fees...
    I purchased a TS3 Hybrid 21° in a Fujikura MCI Shaft that I can either use in place of my 20.5° wood or loft to 23° and replace my 4i. I'm also thinking of delofting my wood to 18.25° and taking my 3W out of the bag. I think I'll have way more options and a lot more versatility than the U500. Though it was so pretty. =(
  15. Harry L

    Harry L

    I have a U510 4 iron in my bag and T200. Had a chance to test a AP1 4 iron and was very impressed. Same distance and in my opinion more forgiving.
  16. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    So far, even with a less than ideal shaft (as outlined above) in my new U500, I am getting great results. I'm really enjoying this club. I have hit it from the tee and off the turf, both with good success. Over the course of the three or four rounds it's been in my bag so far, I've used it for probably 7 or 8 tee shots off the tee on long par 3s, and I don't remember missing a single green, with most shots going right on line towards the pin. I know at least two ended up in birdies. As opposed to my 21* hybrid which I often hook off the tee on long par 3s. This was my primary reason for considering the U500 in the first place---long par 3s. Yet, off the deck, I'm loving it too.
  17. J22abe

    Los Angeles

    Nice, so it is working out!
    I have not had a chance to hit my 21° hybrid. Maybe this weekend, but for sure next week. I am not taking my 4 iron out of the bag though. But my 4i is 24°
  18. Doug,
    Nice to hear your experiences with the U500. I've had a U500 3 iron (Hzrdus Smoke) since they came out and use it mainly off the tee. Have to say, I have not bought a club that has given me more pleasure. I max out at about 250 with it so it's a useful beast. I'm far too erratic (Fore Left!!!) with it off uneven ground or out of the rough so it tends to be something of a go-to when my driver gets wobbly. Depending on course or circumstances or my whim, I'll use it (rather than driver) for the whole round. On that basis, I think it earns its place in the bag.
    At present, I carry a TS2 hybrid at 21* but I'm testing to a TSi2 21* fairway as I have a love-hate relationship with the hybrid. The hybrid seems to prefer to use the bottom grooves and consequently fly lower. It was fitted by Titleist but has never been my favourite... I was more consistent with the previous version. The fairway is much easier to launch even if it's a little longer in the shaft.
    I carry a TSi2 3 wood a T-MB 4 iron and AP2/3's and I'm happy that the bases are covered.

  19. Ryan

    west coast

    i have u510 4 and holed out from 205 yesterday...nuff said
  20. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    U510 2, 3, and 4 irons, each 3 degrees apart. The 2 gets substituted in and out with my TS2 Hybrid depending on conditions. Always preferred long irons over the hybrids, especially when trying to hit a trouble shot. Love them all.
  21. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Another U500 4i update.

    Been playing it for 2 1/2 weeks (probably 11-12 rounds) so far and have been using it multiple times a round, with very good results. Surprisingly, I think I hit it as well as I do my T200 5i and 6i. Unfortunately, with the 23* loft of the U500, it doesn't go as far as I would like for this slot in my bag. My 24* 5i seems only 4 or 5 yards shorter.

    So, I decided to upgrade the shaft. I have the previously mentioned Graphite Design AD UT utility shaft on order. It shipped last Monday USPS Priority (2-3 days), which evidently, means non-priority to the post office since it still has not arrived and tracking shows it hasn't moved in days. That's become pretty common with them, so I won't vent about it here. In any case, I am waiting IMpatiently for the new shaft. I will surely install it immediately upon its arrival.

    However, I ordered a 3 iron shaft to use in the new U500 4i head, instead of a 4i shaft, with the idea that I was going to butt trim it down to a 4i +1/4" length. But, after seeing the WITB segment from Peter Uihlein on here in the Clubhouse threads mention that he uses an T-MB 3 iron with a 2 iron shaft, I thought, hmmm, there's a novel idea. I may try that myself for a few more yards. If it's too long, I can always cut it down another 1/2".

  22. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    I never was much for the new math, but 11 to 12 rounds in 2 1/2 weeks???
    If you're swapping out shafts, when does the epoxy have time to dry?
  23. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I normally play 5-6 days a week. However, I haven't swapped out the original shaft yet. When the new shaft finally shows up on my doorstep, maybe I'll take a day off! (Or just throw my old 4 iron back in the bag for a day. ;-) )
  24. I tried the U500 3i (Hzrdus black smoke shaft) and it was very nice, however it didn't fill the gap I was hoping for. This sucker was long...went every bit as far as my 3 wood and I needed something closer to a hybrid. Ended up trading it in for a hybrid.

    If 15 clubs were legal it would still be in my bag.
  25. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Update: New Graphite Design AD UT 3 iron utility shaft is now in the U500 at +1/2". So, a 3i length with 4 iron head. So far, so good, but still may bend 1* stronger down the road. Need to see more results first. Initial results seem to suggest a little extra yardage than was I was seeing with the old Tensei 4i shaft. I can still hit the ball high off the tee. Off turf, a bit lower, but higher than a regular (non-utility) 3i. Really great club overall. I am coming to love using it for many fairway shots where I might normally need to use my 21* hybrid.
  26. Andrew A

    Andrew A
    Charlotte, NC


    Thank you so much for this detailed timeline of your experience with the U500. I have been wavering on the idea of this club for over a year now. I currently play to a 2 and do not have any hybrids in the bag. I have a 4 wood and the highest iron currenlty is a 3 iron. Given the course I belong to now, and knowing Worthing Manor very well, they set up very similarly.

    I am now going to pull the trigger on a U500 2-iron and use it for tighter courses that demand faiways or length. I think it will be a good swap out with 4 wood based on the course lay outs. I will certianly get more use of U500 over the 4 wood at my home course.

    Thanks again!

    I really miss Maryland golf. So many good tracks surrounding the Urbana/Ferederick area.
  27. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    Love my U510 2 iron it help me remove ,my 3W and both hybrids and put in a club I hit consistently and can shape the shot if need be. Fit perfectly with my 4I T200 at 21 degrees & the U510 is 18 degrees. Has the hzrdus black shaft & 2 degrees up. Just love it
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