U500 vs U510 Utility Irons. Who's playing which and why?

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By Doug E

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  1. Go for it - the U500 I mean. I'm 64 on a 7. I like it . Yes you do have to hit the spot but I find that helpful . Its like a training aid - gotta hit it smooth to hit it out. I do tend to use it off the tee when i want accuracy but it is great off a reasonable fairway lie too, especially into the wind.
  2. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Just read through this thread again and realized it's time for another update:

    I sent the U500 4i into Titleist to have the head PROPERLY bent 2* strong (to 21*). Love the club, but still trying to squeeze out 5 or 6 more yards from it and a slightly lower ballflight. With the 1/2" longer Graphite Design Tour AD-UT 85 S shaft I already installed earlier this year, combined with the newly strengthened head, I'm hopeful it will now give me a full 10-15 yards extra over my T200 5i. Fingers crossed.
  3. In June this year I was fitted for the U510 4 22*,I’m a 4 and think I’m a pretty good ball striker (putting kills me). I played the 716MB and just switched to the t100S. This club is awesome, I don’t care so much about the size of it as I absolutely crush the thing. At the end of the day the numbers don’t lie when you’re getting fitted, was getting a little better numbers with the 510. Been thinking about swapping my 5 wood for the 2 iron 18*.
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