Any tips on improving putting?

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By SHa

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  1. Tyler M

    Tyler M
    Lincoln, NE

    Very hard to answer this question without throwing out generic advice.

    Are you missing putts because of bad reads or are you missing putts because you aren't hitting your starting line?
  2. JoeyD


    Maybe try working on your tempo. The putting stroke should be like a pendulum where the pivot point (center of your spine at the shoulders) does not move, your base (feet,knees,hips and waist) does not move and your shoulders just rock the arms. Now here's the part i see a lot of people struggle with...the "tick" has to equal the "tock". Meaning: you should bring the putter back at the same speed you intend to make your through-stroke. One small part of the stroke of course but i find this helps a lot of people that struggle with speed control.
  3. Put a softball in between your forearms and make a stroke and try to keep the softball from falling out. Helps to connect your “triangle” and make it more consistent.
  4. Zenaido S

    Zenaido S

    Well, I wish it will be that simple but is not as simple as it should be, or is it???
    IT start with the club, it has to feel and look good to you other wise its going to feel and see awkward and your head is going to fight it.
    But if your club is the one that you choose right then I will start by concentrate on your line, your speed and trusted because most of us have the problem second guessing and it all goes downhill from there, like some one else here suggested create a routine and executed, on course pressure make us fall out of it and we start doing stuff unconsciously that get us out of it and make us fail onto this on course issues.

    So in resume: chouse the right putter for you, pick the right line for your putt, choose the right speed, practice your stroke, trusted it and execute.
    Hopefully this will help you, let me know if you get better results.
    Good luck!
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