Iron headcovers, or no?

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By Adam H

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  1. I use iron covers when transporting my clubs and when they are not in use. I take them off when I get to the course and put them back on after the round. But in the end, to each his own!
  2. John T

    John T
    Youngstown, OH

    I use them all the time, even while playing. Keeps them looking like new. Don't care what anyone else thinks lol.
  3. I use them. They keep my $1225 iron investment looking great. Agree they can trap moisture so one should make sure to address this when you store your clubs. As for adding time to a golf round, trivial nonsense.

    That said, it’s a personal choice. Some like them, some don’t.
  4. Trevor D

    Trevor D
    Bragg Creek,

    Tools not jewels. I didn't buy them to maintain the resale value, I bought them to use. Bag chatter does zero to affect performance, so that's a "never" from me. To each their own though. Happy New Year everybody!
  5. That’s gonna be a no for me dog
  6. I've never used them, But I imagine if I ever get lucky enough to play golf on holiday I might buy some for transit. I've heard many a horror story about clubs getting damaged.
  7. Well, I use them to keep the clubs from getting damaged and yeah dry your clubs before covering them. People that use covers and keep their irons in good condition have a lot easier time selling them and will get a better price if they choose. I live in Thailand and people here really are concerned about how the finish looks and if there are dinks or scratches, so I'd recommend using them especially if you are possibly going to sell them one day.
  8. JESUS D

    Dripping Springs, TX

    I personally don’t use them everyday. Sometimes when I travel. I will say this clubs are expensive and if you want to use them, go for it!
  9. I have never used them and I feel that the head covers will just get dirty really quickly and it causes the clubs to rust easier so for me it’s a no. Although I do see a reason to why people do use them to keep their new irons in good condition
  10. I have been using covers for years. Never had an issue
  11. Brad H

    Brad H
    Marion, IA 52302

    I use to always use them to protect my clubs. Now, I use them between rounds to keep them from banging together in the back of my car. They come off before the round and back on right after. To each his own.
  12. Military
    I use them when I travel, the rest of the time, like to hear the chatter when I am walking.
  13. JSmith

    Charlotte, NC

    Still a hard pass for me.
  14. Brad H

    Brad H
    Marion, IA 52302

    They stay on when I am transporting my clubs. They come off before the round and go back on right after. I still have my last 3 sets of clubs, the oldest from 2001 and they all look like new.
  15. I take my tri-fold towel and wrap it all the way around my club shafts and then tuck the end of the towel into the top of the bag. Clubs heads will still rub together I suppose, but at least there is no clanking.


    I always had second (and third hand) irons so I really didn't care about iron covers until I bought my first set of brand new custom fit Titleist 710 AP1s.
    Ever since then I use my covers religiously. I'm about to get rid of my 716s AP2 which I have the covers on. My next set will also have covers

    1. Slow players slow down play, not me using my covers.
    2. Slow players slow down play.
    3. I can play a 3 1/2 hour round with anyone..
    4. Slow players slow down play.
    5. I can grab my club. Stick cover in back pocket, hit my shot, wipe my club and put the cover back on in under a minute.!!! HELLO not slow
    6. Slow players slow down play.
    7. If your best tee shot rolls out 250yds, then you don't have to wait for the green to clear when you're 250 yds out..
    8. Slow player slow down play.
    9. Not judging but the guy with 30 balls in his bag (not one of them NEW) and a 6pack of beer is SLOW.
    10. I LOVE BEER


    Whoa.. did I get off subject sorry about that.
    Yes I use and love my iron covers..
  18. I started using iron covers 20 years ago when I worked at a golf shop that refused or low-balled irons marred by other clubheads.

    There are other benefits:

    Quiet. Whether walking, riding picking a club during someone else's routine and swing, or schleppung clubs in the trunk, they make minimal noise.

    Anti-theft. Why pick the unknown clubs to steal when you can see a sure thing in somebody else's uncovered irons? Why advertise to everybody "brand new PXG irons, ripe for theft!"

    Aesthetics. I rented a set of Titleist AP1 in Hawaii some years ago. The clubs were brand new demos and by my third round with them the top line of the 4-iron had a ding dead-center from clinking another iron. I've had my forged irons for 6 years (always covered) and played Titleist DCI Black OS for 20 years before that (covered for 15 years). No top-line dings, which are distracting.

    Fewer left behind clubs. If I take a 7-iron, a wedge, and a putter to the side of the green for a chip-in I decide which iron to use, remove the headcover to my pocket, hit the shot, and retrieve the ball from the cup. Ideally. And when I leave the green if there's still an iron cover in my pocket I know there's a weapon left around the green.

    Safer for graphite shafts, which gives more options for wood headcovers as you don't have to use a headcover that's built -up purely to prevent irons from banging into the graphite.

    I'm looking at PMG TPU Wood Headcover and iron covers right now. They look fast, protective, and colorful in addition to being environmentally a better choice than other plastic and neoprene offerings.

    As for club cleaners at golf courses...

    I remove all headcovers so as to refrain from from pawning the job off to somebody else.

    And if I leave them on there's an extra tip.
  19. Greg L

    Greg L
    Dallas Tx

    No, absolutely not!
  20. I'm thinking about getting some, but haven't yet
  21. Dennis G

    Dennis G
    Irvine, CA

    I have used headcovers for years for a couple of reasons. It keeps my expensive irons looking new. I walk most rounds and can walk without my clubs clanging around in my bag like a cow bell without disturbing someone else who is going through their pre-shot routine and shot.

    I have a towel I wipe my irons off after every shot so my iron is dry when I put the headcover back on. I haven't ever had a problem with rust on my irons.

    As far as slow play, we walk 18 holes on a 6,500 yard course between 2:45 and 3:15 as a foursome. Nothing slow about using head covers.

    It is a personal choice, but I feel using headcovers allows me to keep moving toward my next shot without disturbing someone else's game.
  22. Tony C

    Tony C
    Warren, RI

    Why doesn’t Titleist offer iron covers for their irons? They do protect your golf club investment. It is hard using cally iron covers on my Titleist clubs. It is just not right….
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